Who We Are

ProductResearch.com.au started in late 2019 when the world was relatively calm and normal. Nothing would have prepared us for the following 12 months where all sense of predictability went out the window.

Except for one thing: Consumer research. Australians are always eager to find the best products to solve their biggest challenges, and that’s where we come into play!

Now more than 2 years on from starting this product, the ProductResearch.com.au team is slowly growing with now 5 authors on the panel closely auditing local products for their effectiveness and longevity, while keeping manufacturers honest!


We couldn’t do what we do without our team of experienced product testers and authors.

In no particular order…

Michael Smith – Owner

As the founder of ProductResearch, my job is to find the best products in the market and ensure they live up to their name. I started ProductResearch as I struggle to find reliable information from some of Australia’s biggest retailers, and it seems I wasn’t alone.

In my spare time, you’ll find me watching the cricket or finding new hiking trails to explore. Don’t mind going out fishing either, not that I’m any good at casting a line!

Rhiannon Pearce – Main Editor

As the first employee for Product Research, Michael assigned me to creating in-depth buying guides for users. He quickly realized that my talent was best used as a content Editor, a process which takes almost as long as writing the content in the first place. This is a role I’ve taken with pride here at Product Research.

When I’m not working on editing and publishing content, you’ll find me running in the parklands of Sydney or finding the cafes with reviews to boot! That said, my husband and I are expecting children soon and spare time will become a thing of the past.

David McCalister – Content Creator

I enjoy writing those very long ‘Best Product’ guides that you’ve no doubt come across on Product Research. Some say this process is like nails on a chalkboard, but I’ve come to love it! WIth a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Flinders University, I felt my experience was best used in writing meaningful content as opposed to working for News Corp or Fairfax.

On days off I’m often finding the best surf breaks and camping hideaways. I’m one of those introvert/reclusive types that prefers to clock-in and clock-off when needed.

James “Docko” Docking – SEO Consultant

Every great website needs an SEO guru and Product Research is no different! James handles all of our SEO and keyword research; a process that usually makes our own brains explode! Unlike David, James is the extrovert and the clown of the office always seeking to crack a joke and put a smile on everyone’s face.

When he’s not working through the hard data, you’ll find him barracking for the Brisbane Lions or working on his car. Hint: Don’t ask him about his sports car…’cause he will talk your ears off!

Melissa Flaxton – Part-Time Writer

I’m Melissa and work for Product Research a couple of days per week as their part-time in-house writer. I previously spent 20 years working for several newspapers and digital marketing agencies and enjoy the varied role with Product Research.

I have the pleasure of having a lot of free time now that my kids have reached university age. I enjoy reading, working on art projects and tending to my garden which is often neglected.

Of course, our team continues to grow! If you’re interested in joining in a part-time or full-time capacity, simply check out available jobs on our careers page.

What We Do

We create some of the most in-depth buying guides and product reviews around. It’s our hope that you can find good old fashioned honest with our product round-ups and best-of lists.