6 Best Air Purifiers in Australia that Do the Work

The air conditions in Australia are hard to predict. With the haze and smoke following regular bushfires, many Australians find it difficult to stay ahead of the fragile environmental conditions that result in poor air circulation.

Maybe you suffer from one of the following:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Asthma
  • COPD or pulmonary disease
  • Emphysema
  • Pneumonia
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Another respiratory disease

You’re likely to find a doctor who recommends you invest in a proper air purifier. Unfortunately, the people who struggle to find accessible air also bump up against suboptimal air conditions that regularly spread a blight over the continent.

Researching the best air purifier in Australia that does the work can be trying. There are a variety of factors that you’ll need to consider before purchasing the ideal model for yourself. 

How much square footage in your living space do you need to be covered? Are you primarily in need of purifiers in bedrooms? Offices? The entire indoor space? Regardless, you’ll need help to find the appropriate model to suit your unique needs.

To aide your search for the best air purifiers in Australia, we’ve collected a list of the best equipment available on the continent. They can all do the work you need. However, we recommend you read on to locate the best model for you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find an air purifier that will serve your needs for years and years–a model you can recommend to others!

The 6 Best Air Purifiers Available in Australia That Do The Work

There are many options available for potential buyers of air purifiers in Australia. Despite the influx of new manufacturers, there’s no need to increase the stress in deciding which air purifiers are appropriate for your distinct industry and business. Read on for more information on the best air purifiers in Australia that will do your work and help you accomplish all your business goals.

1. Philips Series 1000 

At a lower price than you’re likely to find for competitor’s models, the 1000 series from Philips is the best air purifier in Australia with wide-ranging capabilities. When you add the low price tag with the impressive design and power of this model, it’s hard to find a matching purifier to meet your needs.

Upfront, we’ll mention that the 1000 series doesn’t include a PM2.5 readout. That means that this purifier won’t register some of the most sensitive measurements and smoke levels which pricier models will. Also, the 1000 series has no scheduling apps or monitoring features. But if you don’t require these high-end measurements, this purifier is perfect.

The 1000 Series offers a general air quality measurement and indicator with a straightforward color-coded design. It’s hard to misread these measurements as long as you follow the instructions.

If you’re looking for a more reasonable approach to measuring air purification levels in your home or living space, the Philips 1000 series is undeniably at the top of its class. It’s a reliable meter without the fancy wifi capabilities that thousand-dollar models boast. With Philips, it’s hard to find the best air purifier in Australia better than this model.

Philips is a large company with several competing series air purifiers that may appeal to you. The 2000 series is much more reasonable price-wise. For smaller room sizes up to 80 meters squared, you’re likely best off investing in these low-cost options.

However, we recommend the 1000 series for the majority of cases. You’ll gain a lot of feedback for the 1000 series real-time air quality readings. Add to that Philips’ 4-way color feedback regime up to 2.5PM which notifies you of accurate readings in your purified rooms, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better all-around purifier.

2. Samsung Air Purifier AX5500 

Compared to the more modest measurements of the Philips 1000 series, the Samsung AX550 is a workhorse of an air purifier. Its square footage coverage nearly equals the Philips (60 meters squared compared to 63) while minimizing ambient noise and other factors.

The Samsung allows for True HEPA filtering possibilities from PM10 up to PM2.5 and PM1 readouts. While many competitors include a similar HEPA readout, the Samsung AX5500 boasts such stats while simultaneously including other features.

It’s true: Samsung has a higher price tag than competitors. But you’re buying more than efficiency and HEPA certifications with this model. Samsung consistently upgrades its software and readouts. That means that, if you buy this model, you’re investing in an evolving air purifier that will adapt to new regulations in air purification practices.

All Samsung air purification models include codes to enter the Samsung app. But the AX5500 brings added benefits. With the comfort of buying a top-of-the-line model, you’ll also get access to Samsung’s regularly upgraded software. Say goodbye to outdated air purification standards. With the AX5500, you’ll always be ahead of the HEPA guidelines!

3. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Line

Dyson is world-renowned as a cutting-edge producer of some of the most innovating home-based equipment and tools. They make your life easier. In the branch of air purifiers in Australia, the good people at Dyson have cut no corners. 

Along with a hefty price tag, you’ll find a series of top-shelf benefits included when you decide to purchase a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Line purifier. A 2-year warranty, for example, is industry-leading and a sign of trust between the manufacturer and you.

If you trust the Dyson name brand and have perhaps purchased a Dyson product before, you know that this company stands beside its products. It’s a little noisier and costlier than competitors, but you’re investing in round-the-clock customer service and industry-leading 2.5PM readouts in your model. Those smoke readouts and app responsiveness are completely schedulable and controllable from your thumb.

There are hardly any competitors that will match Dyson’s ability to check and confirm air quality in your home while you’re away. If you take frequent vacations or are consistently away from home, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Line of products is much more responsive to apps than other models. For this price tag, you’re investing in peace of mind and children or animal safety. It.s hard to put a price on immediate reassurance that your loved ones are safe.

If the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool isn’t within the price range of your business or personal spectrum of costs, the good people at Dyson have an adequate alternative purifier that can suit your needs. In this case, we recommend the Dyson Pure Cool Me.

It’s pretty obvious that, since Dyson doesn’t advertise the coverage of the Cool Me, this model is less than optimal. Nevertheless, the lower-rate Cool Me boasts a much cheaper price tag as well as a smaller coverage range. 

For a few hundred dollars less, the Cool Me is a good alternative air purifier choice if you’re dealing with a support-based purifier for large living spaces, kitchens, and bedrooms. It’s a great smaller unit that you can add to the purifying capacities of stronger units in large rooms.

4. HoMedics True HEPA Medium Room Purifier

If you’re looking for the best air purifier in Australia with a decent price tag, the HoMedics True HEPA Medium Room Purifier is one of the best models for you to invest in. With such a low purchase price and a long warranty (up to 3 years), the air purifier shopper will be hard-beat to find a competitor.

First off: the HoMedics model has higher decibel ratings than other air purifiers in this list, at over 53 decibels. That means you’re likely to place this model away from the bedroom setting if you have a harder time getting to bed in high-noise settings.

You should expect fewer features included in the HoMedic True HEPA Medium Room Purifier than in higher-cost models. This purifier will only work in smaller settings. We estimate a maximum of 17 meters squared for th HoMetrics. Yes–this is a much smaller sample size than some of the best air purifiers in Australia. You’re likely to purchase several of them.

Add to the limited purification size, the HoMetrics True models are especially loud. They can reach as many as 53 decibels in close spaces. Cheap air purifiers expel decimals of a similar rate, but you should keep in mind that the HoMetrics only achieves these rates at the top of their decibel rates. Many air purifier purchasers confirm similar noise levels with cheaper models.

We recommend the HoMetrics True models for single room operations. Nurseries, bedrooms, and fume-sensitive living spaces like kitchens are ideal spaces for homeowners and renters to place the HoMetrics. Since replacement filters are super cheap ($45), it’s hard to beat the budget efficiency of this air purifier when doubled or tripled up in a home.

5. Breville Smart Air Plus

The Breville is the best indoor air purifier in Australia to circulate air in an open living plan. With the convenient light-based purification system set up on the Breville, you’ll find that this model is ideal for all kinds of uses indoors.

The Breville Smart Air Plus includes a host of great LDC displays that report a lot of air purification information straightaway to users. You’ll receive a PM2.5 rating of ultrafine particles and an index of purity controls from low to turbo amounts that will aid in instantaneous readings of particle IDs.

The Smart Air Plus is also definitive for its large coverage area. Count on reliable readings from 50-80 square foot readings– much more than competitors relative to the sticker price. 

Once you purchase the Breville Smart Air Plus, you’ll discover early on that this model is exclusive and top of the line. It boasts a 360-degree airflow that purifies the air in a much more efficient technique than competitors. If you’re looking for an air purifier for larger, wider spaces, the Breville Smart Air Plus is a luxury tool that can deliver some of the most accurate readings on the market.

Check out the Breville Smart Air Plus’ 99% particle pick-up with HEPA filters, bacteria and virus pick-up from its Microbe Shield Light, and smoke and odour filtrations. Using short wave light wavelengths, the Breville Smart Air Plus is truly a cutting-edge instrument.

6. Arovec AV-P152B

Arovec has a long-lasting reputation as an under-known producer of air purifiers. In fact, we would go so far as to call Arovec a hidden gem in the field of air purifiers. Their record as some of the best air purifiers in Australia doesn’t go unnoticed here, though.

Weighing only 2.5 kilograms, we think that the Arovec AV-P152B is one of the lightest and best air purifiers in Australia on the market. It’s ideal for smaller spaces. Bedrooms of a smaller dimension, home offices, and smaller living spaces are perfect for this air purifier.

Check out the detailed HEPA filter regulations that the good people at Arovec followed when configuring this model of air filtration. It is free of ozone, UV, and UV ion traces when compared to ozone radiation. That means Arovec is one of the most environmentally friendly air purifiers on the market. Full stop.

The Arovec filtration system is also notable. It offers three distinct filtration systems. If you’re interested in investing in one of the most respectable filtrations systems in the market, Arovec is a good place to start. From a preliminary filter to an H-13 HEPA filter with the most rigorous standards included—up to 0.3 microns—and the final count of a filtration level of PM2.5 on air pollution, you’ll find the Arovev AV-PV152B is unbeatable and up to date with federal standards.

Everyone who buys top-of-the-line air filtration systems counts on the price of replacements being as low as possible. Thanks to the multiple speed settings available on the Arovec, you’ll be able to reduce the overall costs of replacement filters. Dimming and modulating filtration levels turns out to reduce costs in a big way.

Conclusion: Reduce Costs and Increase Air Flow

The Australian climate is fragile. Bushfires and occasional upticks in smoke and fire irruptions are undeniable. The continent of Australia is synonymous with air filtration troubles. 

Despite the air exposure to fine particles like smoke, dirt, and other carcinogens that attach windows and other surfaces, business owners are able to counteract air filtration qualms. Vacuuming daily, closing windows, and minimizing outdoor exposure are classic methods to reduce particulates in the workplace. 

 With the help of our list of air purifiers that can decrease extraneous costs due to environmental factors in Australia, we hope to outfit business owners with the tools to fight uniquely Australian matters. 

Purchasing the best air purifier in Australia is an investment in the future. It might seem difficult to predict future dust, ion, and magma deposits, but your pre-emptive investment in top-of-the-line air purifiers is a sure way to defend against future environmental upsets.