20 Best Golf Balls Available in Australia

You might be thinking that all golf balls are just the same. You may also think that your choice of the golf ball will not affect your gameplay. This is the primary reason why average golfers spend hours just to get their golf clubs in its best state.

But what most people do not know is that a golf ball is as important as an excellent golf club. Choosing your golf ball as well as its brand is a vital part of every game.

You should base your choice of golf balls to what you think will satisfy the requirement of your game. Now, if you aren’t sure with your golf club choice, here is an evaluation of the best golf balls that you can find.

Premium Choice

Bridgestone Tour B X/XS/RX/RXS

In terms of performance, we can say that this golf ball has a rating of five stars. The Tour B X and XS are best for players who do not miss any hit often. On the other hand, the Tour B RX and RXS are for those who are in need of low-compression help for average swing speeds.

If you want a golf ball that promotes less curve on driver shots, the firmer X and the softer RX are the best choices. On the other hand, the Tour B XS and RXS provide a softer feel and the most greenside spin.

Callaway Chrome Soft with Chrome Soft X

Rated with a five-star performance, the Callaway Chrome Soft with Chrome Soft X high-speed ball with lower compression feel. The outer core has nano-substance graphene for it to become stronger over a soft inner core. And because the inner core is softer, it offers less spin as well as a high launch on long shots.

This golf ball also offers greatness for a short-shot spin. The reason is that its firm and stronger outer core improves energy and helps in pinching the soft cover.

Callaway ERC Soft

The new Callaway ERC Soft has a dual-core that utilizes the same nanoparticle that Chrome Soft uses. The said nano-particle won a Nobel Prize which gives you an assurance that this golf ball is worth your investment.

The nano-particle integrated to the Callaway ERC Soft gives more strength to the outer core. It also allows the large inner core to make distance using less driver spin.

On the other hand, the golf ball has a hybrid cover that allows more short-shot spin that other standard distance balls.

Mizuno RB Tour with RB Tour X

This one is another new golf ball that you can find in the market. Mizuno, the manufacturer of this golf ball spent twelve years of wind-tunnel testing that gave this golf ball its cone-dimple design.

If you are aiming for a reduction of spin on wings along with a downward attack angle. On the other hand, the RB Tour X is for fast wings with an angle of upward attack.

Srixon Z-Star with Z-Star XV

The Z-Star XV and Z-Star golf balls are an excellent choice for golfers who are looking for golf-balls for long game distance. The Z-Star XV has a firmer dual-core while the Z-Star has a standard core. Still, both golf ball models have graduated cores as well as a tougher mantle for better long-game distance.

Due to a supermolecule integrated to this golf ball’s urethane coating, its thin cover still provides optimal spin and better grabs on your grooves and wedges.

TaylorMade TP5 with TP5X

These golf balls are perfect for golfers who are looking for balls designed for a speed increase. The reason is that the TP5 and TP5X are both five-layer balls covered with mantle material.

The mantle material is also stiffer and more durable compared to other golf ball coverings. So, when the ball compresses on the driver and long-distance shots, the ball goes back to shape and acquires more velocity.

Titleist AVX

This golf ball is a combination of a flexible mantle layer as well as a urethane-cover ball lineup. The combination of these two elements works with the golf ball’s core. For short-shots, these two elements provide greenside spin as well as ball speed off the driver and long middle irons.

Titleist Pro V1 with Pro V1X

The brand Titleist improved the distance that this golf ball can take by reducing the cover by .005 inches. They also added a thicker mantle boos driver and iron ball speed to give a positive effect on the distance that this ball can travel.

Titleist Pro V1X can fly higher and spin more compared to other golf balls. It also feels firmer than the standard Titleist Pro V1. This factor is the primary reason why the demand for these golf balls is really high.

In terms of performance, golfers give a five-star rating for both these golf balls.

Volvik S3 with S4

For better transfer of energy, Volvik mixed bismuth to the core of the S3 and S4 golf balls. The combination of bismuth in the ball’s core adds up to the density of the ball.

Volvik S4 has a firmer compression and has a speed of more than 105 miles per hour. On the other hand, if you want a golf ball with a slower speed, the Volvik S3 swings at 95 to 110 miles per hour.

Wilson Staff FG Tour

The FG Tour golf ball delivers best class spin and a top-notch distance off the tee. In addition to these, the unmatched soft feel of this golf ball considers being the lowest compression tour ball in the market today.

If you are looking for a golf ball with tough performance and soft feel in every game, the FG Tour is exactly what you are looking for.

This four-piece golf design has two firm layers of mantles as well as an extra-soft urethane cover. This cover provides an impressively higher spin on all clubs and drivers. The workmanship results in more controllable ball flight off the tee. It also provides high-spinning ball into the green.

Mid-Range Golf Balls

Bridgestone E12 Soft

The core is the engine of every golf ball. For this reason, Bridgestone integrated a new mantle layer which uses a compound to produce more cohesive bond to the core and cover. This factor helps in delivering more energy and impact on the shots.

Moreover, straight distance is what every golfer aims for. This is exactly what the Bridgestone E12 Soft offers. This golf ball is soft on the wedge or putter. On the other hand, it produces a dull sound when on the green. This ball feels as if it melts into the club face.

OnCore Elixr

The OnCore Elixr golf ball is a three-piece construction that utilized a metal-infused ionomer mantle layer, polybutadiene rubber core, and a urethane cover. These three give players different and better spin profile as well as a softer feel.

The infusion of composite cores and a new mantle improves the perimeter weighting of this golf ball. This combination of core and mantle boosts the ball’s stability for better control when you play during windy seasons.

Snell MTB Black

If you are looking for a tour calibre golf ball, the Snell MTB Black is a perfect choice. Its urethane cover helps this ball spin and check around the greens. It also gives an excellent feel off the wedges as well as the putter.

Golf players who prefer high-spinning golf ball will greatly benefit from using the Snell MTB Black. This direct-to-consumer ball has a strong pedigree. It is also a three-piece ball with a cast urethane cover which produces greenside checking.

On the other hand, This golf ball has a low lift and low drag to help keep shots floating in the wind.

Srixon Q-Star Tour

If you specialize in average swing speeds, the Srixon Q-Star Tour is the golf ball for you.

This golf ball has a cover made of urethane as well as a soft inner core. The reason why this golf ball is perfect for average speed is that the soft core is easier to compress for low spin and high launch off the tee. On the other hand, the cover, which is tour-like, improves the ball’s grip around the green.

Srixon Soft Feel

This mid-level compression ball offers soft feel and low spin. But still, it still has the energy transfer that offers optimal distance through its tour-ball dimple pattern.

This golf ball’s manufacturer combined the Energetic Gradient Growth core to this ball for a better launch and less drag. It also helps in improving the aerodynamics for better distance acquisition.

TaylorMade Project (S)

A flexible mantle layer, lower-compression rubber core, as well as a resilient ionomer cover are what the TaylorMade Project (S) holds for a softer feel. The ionomer cover is responsible for generating more speed on driver shots. Most golf balls use urethane covers but such cannot produce the same driver shot speed that ionomer cover does.

Titleist DT Trusoft

This two-piece golf ball model is the softest among all the balls in the Titleist line. The larger core size gives the energy to produce more ball speed. It also has a low compression which improves feel and reduces driver spin. For shorter shots, the flexible cover material of this golf ball gives you some grab on the driver.

Top-Flite Gamer Urethane

If you are a golfer who is looking for a golf ball that is perfect for a higher wedge spin, then take a look at this Top-Flite Game Urethane.

The urethane cover of this golf ball is responsible for its wedge spin improvement. On the other hand, the golf ball has a firm mantle layer which limits the driver spin and improves distance.

Each dimple’s interior also contributes to the speed of the ball. It creates tighter airflow which makes longer carry possible.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft

The Wilson Staff Duo Soft is the leader among low compression golf balls, With only a low compression of 29, this two-piece golf ball utilizes its soft feel in order to reduce spin. The spin reduction, on the other hand, is responsible for more distance.

This golf ball also has a firm cover which improves the transfer of energy and impact. Lastly, the shallower dimples compared to other ball models gives this golf ball a higher flight.

Budget Golf Balls

Cut Blue

The Cut Blue golf ball has two strong mantle layers which enhance its speed and improves trajectory. Built on its original four-piece design, this Cut Blue version has a urethane cover that makes it softer for a greenside spin.

the brand redesigned this golf ball in order to improve the feel as well as the consistency of full shots.

OnCore Avant 55

This golf ball is for golfers who have low to mid swing speeds. It has a low compression that drops into the mid-50s and produces distance off the driver. These characteristics help the ball to reduce spin.

The Avant 55’s low compression also aids high launch and gives a soft feel on putts and wedge shots.

Which golf ball do you think is the best for you? We would love to hear from you, so leave us a comment down below!