9 Best Mops in Australia That Do the Job

A mop that can clean hardwood, tiles, and linoleum floors is a necessary versatile tool for homes and workplaces. But cleaning spills and sanitizing floors are only part of the overall design. A good mop has to fit well with your lifestyle, whether you prefer something compact, steam-powered, or triangular-shaped.

Mops come in all shapes and sizes. Some have buckets, others don’t need them. The mop heads themselves have a wide range of looks and attributes. Whether you prefer a flat mop or a string mop, the choice is yours. There are lots of different kinds to choose from and plenty of features to examine.

For this list, we’ve looked at nine of the top mops that can clean your floors effortlessly and effectively. The best mops in Australia offer top-notch cleaning experiences and outstanding floors. All nine of these mops are currently available for purchase.

1. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfibre Spray Mop

A flat mop, the O-Cedar ProMist works with a spray instead of copious amounts of water solution. The dual-sided mop head allows cleaning on either side for a continual clean without dirt buildup. The refillable bottle provides a puff of mist for a spotless floor. You can add a couple of drops of your favourite cleaning solution for further shine. The bottle easily releases from the mop and only requires refilling after three to six months.

The microfibre pad allows for dry or wet cleaning, as the fibres will pick up the smallest particles with vacuum-like focus. Machine washable pads make for easy maintenance. This mop is versatile and lightweight, able to tackle tough messes and a light dusting all in one.

No bucket is necessary for the O-Cedar ProMist as the spray is light enough to provide a damp floor surface without messy puddling. The less equipment required for cleaning is beneficial to many families and businesses with limited storage space.

The O-Cedar requires no batteries for the spray function. Instead, a comfortable grip and trigger provide the right amount of spray so you can receive the best floor solution for your spills and smears. Without batteries or a cord, the O-Cedar is compact and easy to store.

2. Shark S1000 Steam Mop

This mop uses steam to wet your hard floors and loosen dirt and stains. Without cleaning solutions or chemicals, the Shark enables a sanitized clean without residue or soap scum. The Shark S1000 is the best mop Australia offers with steam-powered technology.

The Shark has an extra-large water tank that’s simple to remove for fast refills. It heats quickly to provide the right amount of steam for spills or stains. The microfibre cloths pick up any hair or dry debris along with the rest of the mess.

Similar to the O-Cedar ProMist above, the Shark is a single unit without the need for a bucket or wring basket. The steam provided ensures that your floor will not be drenched or oversaturated with liquid, which prevents watermarks and possible warping. The steam’s amount is controlled by a trigger in the handle and has been proven to eliminate 99% of germs.

This steam mop is lightweight and compact for convenient storage and effortless cleaning. It also has an eighteen-foot power cord for extended reach over large floors.

3. Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo Mop

The Vileda provides the best mop Australia has with a turbo wringing system and power fibre strands. The bucket has a spin wring powered by a foot pedal for hands-free use. With the turbo wring, you can control the amount of water in the mop head for different kinds of floors and different cleanliness levels.

The bucket’s front spout allows for easy emptying once cleaning is complete. The hands-free pedal is an innovative way to control the amount of liquid used. The turbo wring system will stress the microfibre strands to dry the mop to your satisfaction. How much pressure you place on the pedal will result in the dampness level of the mop.

The microfibre strands found in the mop head are super-absorbent, and the red power fibres within the white strands pick up more dirt and debris than other microfibre mops. The triangular mop head allows for easy cleaning in corners. The mop head is detachable and machine washable, and the three-piece handle extends for a maximum cleaning reach.

4. DR FUSSY 360 Degree Spin Mop and Bucket

Both the mop head attachment and bucket basket are made from stainless steel to prevent rusting. The mop head is microfibre to better absorb liquid, dirt, and other debris. This mop and bucket system offers the best movement for similar mopping systems. It is extremely easy to cart from room to room, especially if the bucket is filled with water or soap.

For easy storage, the mop handle has a hook hole to hang, which also allows for fast drying purposes. The mop has an extendable, lockable handle for long reaches and 360-degree spin access to achieve the maximum clean floor. The swivel function allows the head to fit in any corner and hard-to-reach area.

This bucket features two large wheels to help maneuver around your house or business. With the bucket’s extendable towing handle, it’s easy to pull across all hard floors, similar to a wagon. Two handles offer assistance in transporting water safely without causing splashing or spills. The bucket also has a drain hole and a splash guard for easy emptying and preventing further mess.

5. MR SIGA Professional Microfibre Mop

This flat mop plate boasts an innovative design to better hold the mop pads in place. The pads stay where they are supposed to without slipping, which allows for more complete scrubbing and easier cleaning. The clips used can also hold a multitude of cloth sizes for any kind of floor cleaning.

The mop cloths are double-sided, with one blue microfibre and the other tan plush. The microfibre picks up lighter dirt and mops up spills, while the plush side is great for applying wax to hardwood floors for further shine and long-term protection.

The MR SIGA comes with a dirt removal scrubber to remove all large chunks of debris from the microfibre before washing. The scrubber easily strips hair, leaves, mud, and similar debris from the mop pad to prevent clogging in your plumbing and to provide a more thorough clean for the mop itself. The pads are machine washable for further convenience. 

A double-locking telescopic system extends the mop’s handle for increased reach, and 360 degrees of spin allow for awkward corners and narrow crevices.

The MR SIGA boasts the best mop Australia uses with innovative mop head attachment technology. The clips used to hold the microfibre and plush mop heads are unparalleled for other flat mops in the industry. While using fabrics other than the MR SIGA mop heads, the clips provide secure fastenings, so you can use any kind of cloth to clean your floor.

6. Masthome 5L Spin Mop Bucket System

Both the mop head and the joint have a large degree of spin, with the head moving 360 degrees and the joint able to twist 180 degrees. This movement allows for cleaning any number of awkward placements and narrow crannies.

The water reservoir of the bucket system contains an agitator to help remove dirt and debris from the mop head. The accompanying drying basket is stainless steel and has a central fuselage for better compression. The agitator helps dislodge dirt from the mop so that each subsequent use remains as clean as possible. The basket easily presses out excess water from the very centre of the mop to prevent sopping strands that could damage your floor.

The bucket also has a built-in soap dispenser which makes it easier to clean the mop head after use. Before cleaning your mop, simply fill the dispenser with your favourite detergent and use the depressor to apply as much soap as you need into the bucket. Then use the agitator to swish out the soap before wringing the mop head in the basket.

7. Spray Mop Microfibre Flat Mop

This simple design promotes convenient and quick cleaning for less time spent on chores. The attached bottle is refillable to hold whatever liquid cleaning product you prefer. The cleaning fluid is released from the mop by a trigger near the handle for convenient application. The amount of spray is determined by the pressure on the trigger, so you can control how much cleaning solution is applied through how much pressure you put on the trigger.

The microfibre pad is reusable and washable, and safe to use on any hard surface flooring. The deep cleaning technology of the pad results in clean, shiny floors without scrapes or scratches.

This mop is lightweight with a 127 cm long aluminium shaft and a comfortable handle for relaxing maneuvers.  When stored, the bottle is placed upright to prevent any accidental leaks.

The design of this mop promotes upright cleaning, so you don’t have to wash your floor with a bent back. A straight back helps to encourage correct posture and by extension, healthy living.

8. Sabco Rinse and Wring Flat Mop

This hypoallergenic mop set comes with two mop heads for easy swap and cleaning. Able to clean any hard surface, this is the ideal mop for large floors such as gymnasiums or community halls. The Sabco works well on hardwood, linoleum, tile, or concrete floors.

The mop heads are ideal for wet or dry cleaning, as the microfibre material can easily pick up dirt and debris while dry. Washing floors using a cleaning solution allows the mop head to smoothly remove stains, spills, or blemishes.

This is one of the few flat mops with a bucket and unique wringing system. The bucket includes an internal dual chamber to clean the mop heads. The chamber holds two power blades that first clean the mop and then wring it out, so you can easily wash and dry the head without taking it apart. A simple up-down motion is all that’s needed to provide a quick and handy mop head clean.

The Slimline design allows for no splashback for a uniform clean. Increased flexibility enables the Sabco to clean hard-to-reach areas and compact storage for more room in your cupboard.

9. Boomjoy Microfibre Flat Mop

The mop head boasts a 360-degree swivel joint for complete, reachable cleans. It can even tip up to clean slots or narrow corners.

The hands-free bucket system provides easy cleaning for the microfibre pad. Dual slots allow you to separately clean and wring your dirty mop head. The water squeezed out during the wringing filters into the collected dirty water portion of the bucket so as not to contaminate your cleaning process.

The removable cover and off-centre handle allow easy emptying once your floor is clean. The newest version of the Boomjoy has been updated for a stronger design making it even easier to clean your mop.


The best mops clean effortlessly to make your job easy. Microfibre mop heads are notoriously good at picking up even the smallest debris either wet or dry. In this day and age, flat mops and string mops can reach small corners with extendable handles and 360-degree movements.

Whether you choose a bucket or a spray mop, the right choice for you is all about preference. If you prefer a misty solution to wet your floor or a bucket of soap, either will get the job done. If you don’t have the room for a bulky bucket, consider a spray mop instead. However, most mop and bucket systems are compact enough to fit in any cupboard or storage space.

The best mops in Australia include spray mops, flat mops, and mop and bucket systems. Microfibre mop heads and easy mop-cleaning solutions reduce the amount of work in your floor-cleaning chores. Each mop on this list will guarantee fast cleaning and effective use so you can get back to your day.