6 Best Popcorn Makers in Australia (2022)

Most people enjoy a serving of popcorn for every occasion, such as a healthier alternative to potato chips and as a go-to snacking option for movie night. Some people might enjoy smothering their popcorn with butter, salt, caramel, or other topping preferences. 

However, there are several different ways to make the best popcorn. Although you might find it simpler to throw a popcorn bag in the microwave, there are other ways to create quality popcorn without overheating or burning it. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best popcorn makers in Australia that you might want to consider. If you want one that preserves even heating for your popcorn servings, these might be more efficient than disposable popcorn bags. Many of these choices are affordable for most budgets and smaller than older machines.

1. The Original Proper Popper Microwave Popcorn Popper

Best Option for Easy Cleaning

If you want a popcorn maker that’s easy to clean and store, the Proper Popper might be an ideal option for you. We enjoy this model because of its portability. You can collapse the device’s height from 14.5 centimetres to 5.5 centimetres and store it in any location.

This silicone popcorn popper is Bisphenol A (BPA)-free and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free. This feature might be an ideal option for you if you want to avoid throwing popcorn bags into the trash and wasting your house’s bowls by leaving everything in one place. It also has a convenient lid to prevent spills and messes.

Its silicone build makes it ideal for easy hand washing, eco-friendly, durable, and dishwasher-safe. This feature might be helpful if you want to clean it without worrying about damaging it, your other dishware, or dishwasher.

The Proper Popper might be an ideal choice if you prefer making large quantities of popcorn within minutes. It can make up to 15 cups of popcorn in less than 4 minutes, allowing you to serve your popcorn immediately after completion.

It’s available in several colours, allowing you to make it match with your other kitchen wares. This model might occasionally burn the popcorn if you stick it in too long and may form a hole at the bottom if you put too much pressure on it. 

2. Dash Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Best for Healthier Eating

The Dash Hot Air Popcorn Popper is an excellent contender for the best popcorn maker in Australia because it gives its users the option to make popcorn without oil and preservatives. It can make up to 16 cups of popcorn, making it great for friend and family gatherings.

This popcorn maker might be fit for health-conscious people who prefer adding their toppings after popping their kernels. It has a separate removable compartment for melting butter that’s perfect for movie theatre-style popcorn. By melting it separately, you can reduce your calorie intake when snacking. The butter tray also doubles as a measuring cup for your food.

Its compact size makes it easy to store in your kitchen cupboards and allows you to transport it anywhere. It also functions efficiently by pouring in the kernels and turning them on at a button’s press. In a few minutes, you’ll have fresh popcorn for everyone to share.

Another element we enjoy from the Dash is the recipe book included with the unit. If you want to experiment with making different popcorn variants, this might be the proper popper for you.

Although it’s an excellent popcorn maker, there are some hindrances in its performance. Some kernels might not pop. The Dash Popper doesn’t have a lid to prevent kernels from flying out of the maker. It might be noisy for some households.

3. Cook N Home Aluminum Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Best for Stovetop Popcorn

Another alternative you might want to consider when looking for a popcorn maker is a stovetop option. This process allows you to control how much heat you use when making the popcorn you love. The Cook N Home Aluminum Stovetop Popcorn Popper might be fit for you if you prefer this method.

Its aluminium metal build makes it durable on most surfaces and allows even heat distribution for your popcorn kernels. It’s compatible with electric, gas, ceramic, and glass stovetops as a piece of aluminium kitchenware.

The Cook N Home’s lid seals securely and has steam vents to keep the popcorn crisp and warm. Its compact metal design allows you to make your popcorn in minutes and quickly pour it into a bowl. Once you finish using it, you can store it in a small cabinet for safekeeping. 

It also has a wooden handle and knob that won’t conduct heat to make the experience more comfortable. The handle allows you to mix the kernels without opening the lid to prevent them from sticking or burning. These features might be ideal if you want consistent popcorn.

Although this popcorn maker is suitable for stovetops, it’s not compatible with induction surface stovetops. This model isn’t dishwasher-safe and requires hand cleaning after extended use. The handle’s gears may become loose and stop spinning.

4. Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper

Best Heat-resistant Surface

We also consider our list of best popcorn makers in Australia is the Ecolution Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper. We enjoy this model because of its unique shape. Its rounded shape ensures hot air to spread evenly and prevent unpopped kernels or burning.

Another essential characteristic of the Ecolution is its durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. When you touch its surface, you won’t burn your hands quickly, unlike traditional glass surfaces.

Its silicone lid allows you to measure your kernels, seal the popper, and melt butter. This feature might be ideal if you’re a multitasker who prefers using cooking tools to perform several tasks at once.

It’s available in two sizes (1.5 quarts or 3 quarts) and six colours (red, black, blue, pink, teal, and yellow). Unlike packaged popcorn, the Ecolution doesn’t contain unhealthy chemicals or ingredients and doesn’t require oil and butter for enjoyment. This dishwasher-safe option might be ideal for people who want a popcorn maker that’s easy to clean in a short time.

There are some elements of this popcorn maker that hinder its performance. If you place it too long in the microwave, the bottom of its pot and its lid might melt and become a fire hazard. Its top might also chip after continuous use.

5. Salter EK2902 Healthy Fat-Free Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Best Value for Electric Hot Air Options

If you prefer a popcorn maker that doesn’t require the use of a microwave, the Salter Electric Popcorn maker might be an excellent fit for you. It doesn’t require much space on a table or countertop and encourages convenient storage when not used.

The Salter uses 1,200W for power and produces fresh popcorn within 3 minutes. One cup of kernels makes a reasonable amount of popcorn for a large bowl. This model might be suitable for people who want to spend less time making their popcorn without a stove or microwave.

Its built-in spout allows you to dump popcorn from the maker into the bowl without making a huge mess. It also has non-slip feet on the bottom of the unit to keep it in place. You can leave it running without worrying about it tipping over when it’s active with this feature.

This model doesn’t allow you to melt butter in the measuring compartment, unlike other choices on our list. Since the Salter doesn’t have a traditional lid covering it, you might have unpopped kernels shoot out of the unit.

This unit tends to overheat after using it, making it difficult to pour your popcorn out comfortably. If you prefer using a popcorn maker that doesn’t have too many hazards, you may want to consider other alternatives that suit your needs.

6. Chef’n PopTop Microwave Popcorn Popper

Best Option for a Unique Design 

Another popcorn maker we like is the Chef’n PopTop Microwave Popcorn Popper. Although many microwave popcorn makers have a round or bowl-shaped design, this unit has a foldable top that collapses and seals the kernels when you’re ready to make it.

We think this unconventional design takes popcorn making to a new level. After filling the Chef’n PopTop with about five tablespoons of kernels, you can place it in the microwave for a few minutes. You can make up to 10 cups of popcorn for you and your peers.

It might be ideal for you if you seek a popcorn maker that has enhanced handling safety. It uses silicone material with excellent heat resistance and side tabs for removing the device from the microwave without burning your hands.

You can easily clean the Chef’n Pop Top by placing it on the top rack of your dishwasher. Unlike popcorn bags, this device allows you to add butter and oil later to encourage healthier eating habits.

Although many people find this popcorn maker reliable, a few hindrances might affect your experience. It might be challenging to find the perfect time to cook your popcorn; if you don’t put it in long enough, you’ll find unpopped kernels, and if you put it in too long, it’ll burn.

What to Consider When Looking for a Popcorn Maker

There are many benefits to using a popcorn maker in your home. Before buying an ideal popcorn maker, you should consider a few things before deciding which one to get. These factors may differ from person to person, so it would be wise to consider what you need the most.

Popcorn Maker Style

There are several types of popcorn makers available for choosing. Although these designs may differ, they perform the same task for making your favourite go-to snacks. It would be best to think about which type of popper you prefer to match your kitchen.

Stovetop Popper

Stovetop popcorn makers have hand cranks that allow you to move the kernels in the pot to keep them from sticking to the popper’s surface and from burning. It may take time to master this technique, but it allows you to manually control the popcorn production, along with the stove’s temperature. They typically have aluminium material in their builds to conduct heat evenly.

Electric Popper

Electric popcorn makers use hot air to keep the kernel’s temperature consistent for popping. They have a chamber for placing kernels and typically pour out through a built-in compartment. They are ideal for producing popcorn without wasting too many dishes. These models might take some time to heat up, and kernels might fly out if left unattended.

Microwave Popper

Microwave popcorn makers allow you to create popcorn without oil and butter found in microwave popcorn bags. This freedom allows you to customise your popcorn to match your preferences.

When using these popcorn makers, it would be wise to consider your microwave’s power and how long you stick it in there to prevent overheating and damaging the material.


Ideally, your popcorn maker shouldn’t take up much space. If it can sit on a countertop, table, or stovetop, you should store it easily. Most popcorn makers you can place in microwaves have collapsible features to help you store them easily. The size might also accommodate how much popcorn you can make per session.

Durability and Material

Your popcorn maker’s material can be a factor in its durability. Some popular choices of durable material for different popper styles include aluminium and silicone. It would also be wise to look for material that’s BPA-free and doesn’t contain harmful substances.

Easy Cleaning

Another feature to consider before buying your popcorn maker is how you can clean it. There are several that are dishwasher-safe options. Some popcorn makers you can’t place in a dishwasher have removable parts for dishwashers or handwashing.


If you want to find the best popcorn maker in Australia, there are several for you to consider. The options we presented allow you to create quality popcorn in less than 5 minutes and won’t take up much space when you use it or store it.

One advantage popcorn makers have over microwavable popcorn bags is the freedom of controlling the popcorn’s consistency. You can control the kernels’ placement, how much oil and butter you add once finished, and the number of kernels you want per serving.

While each of these models have their advantages, we recommend using microwave poppers, such as the Chef’n and the Proper Popper, for your kitchen due to their heat resistance, easy-to-clean surface, and collapsible properties for storage and handling.