7 Best Under Sink Water Filters for Australian Homes

Your undersink water filtration system takes cold water from the piping system and transfers it to a plastic tube. The water’s left in the filter until it’s pure. The water is then available through the faucet. It’s an on-demand process. So no water is ever wasted, which is what differentiates it from a reverse osmosis system. You can still use the faucet independently of the undersink filter. 

The world should take advantage of the best water filter in Australia. The undersink option though isn’t the answer for everyone.

You should consider the undersink filter if:

  • You want to relish the taste of your water. Many Aussies don’t drink the required amounts of water because they can’t appreciate the taste of their tap water. A filtering device removes the harmful particles and odours, boosting the flavour of your water with fine minerals.
  • You’re on the prowl for a budget-friendly unit that requires little maintenance. Replacement filters are inexpensive.
  • You want a filtration system but have limited space for installation. If you live in a smaller home or flat, you can still have access to high-quality water without sacrificing needed space. You can install an undersink water filter in a cabinet.
  • You want to filter house water in one sink and not for the entire house.
  • You’re done with accumulating water bottles. Water bottles aren’t necessarily costly, but you buy many to cover a week’s worth of water. You can only reuse a plastic bottle so many times before it develops the smell and unhealthy features of old plastic.
  • You want a solution that doesn’t require plumbers or electricians. Under-sink water filters are easy to install. 

If we’ve piqued your interest, scroll down. We’ve put together a list of the seven best undersink water filters for Australian homes.

Best Water Filter in Australia

1. UltraStream Hydrogen Rich Ioniser Water Filter System with Under Sink Kit

With the UltraStream Hydrogen Rich Ioniser Water Filter System, you transform ordinary tap into a fresh cup of healthy antioxidants. The UltraStream takes the mystery out of electric water ionising. It takes what could be a complex installation and simplifies it.

The device infuses significant amounts of hydrogen gas into your drinking water, greatly enhancing its purification. It also puts greater amounts of magnesium into water. You’ll never have to concern yourself with wasted water, solenoids, titanium, diodes, plates, or transformers. 

The system promises to hold up, producing 3,000 litres of water. Its performance equals that of the typical electric water ioniser, a device that normally costs thousands of dollars. The UltraStream Hydrogen Rich Ioniser Water Filter System with Under Sink Kit is a beaut of a solution.


Here’s what you’ll appreciate about the Ultrastream Hydrogen Rich Ioniser.

  • The device removes harmful contaminants through a safe process.
  • The Ultrastream takes advantage of coconut-based carbon. It has a longer life and better contaminant removal capability.
  • The solution adds more alkaline minerals and antioxidants.
  • It creates softer water with longer-lasting and beneficial characteristics due to a production that includes tourmaline, crystal quartz, and ceramic magnets.
  • No wasted water as it’s 66% water efficient.
  • Won’t generate acid water.
  • Removes more fluoride.

2. HiFlow 1 Micron Under Sink Inline Water Filter System

The HiFlow Micron Inline Water Filter System fits on your current main water line. It filters all water going through your kitchen tap. This product features an advanced development in-home water filtration. Unlike comparable systems, you won’t need a second filtered water tap. Water that flows through your kitchen tap will be chlorine-free and healthy water. 

With advanced filtration features, the HiFlow uses a high-pressure operation that filters water down to a single micron. Compared to conventional water filters, the HiFlow produces twice the flow rate and volume. The cartridge is bayonet-style. That makes changing the cartridge as simple as changing a light bulb.

This system is a great option for homeowners, landlords, and renters not looking to drill holes or installing a separate faucet for drinking. It connects directly to the cold water line under the kitchen sink. The HiFlow 1 Micron Under Sink Inline Water Filter System is a solid and inexpensive solution for getting the best taste from your water. The system belongs on a list of the best water filters in Australia.


To truly appreciate the HiFlow 1 Micron Under Sink Inline Water Filter System, you should know it removes:

  • Chlorine odours and tastes
  • Chlorine gas
  • Giardia and cryptosporidium 
  • Lead
  • Rust
  • Algae and mould 
  • Oxidised iron, manganese, and sulphides 
  • Limescale
  • Dirt and other pollutants

3. ULTRAPURE Aragon Grander Revitalisation Under Sink Water Filter System

The ULTRAPURE Aragon Grander Revitalisation Under Sink Water Filter System fits neatly in the cabinet under your sink. The manufacturer calls it a “grander revitalisation 10″ single-stage water filter system.”

Designed for both concrete water tanks and chemically treated water supplies, the ULTRAPURE Grander Revitalisation is a robust, stainless steel product that utilises high-pressure holdings engineered from chemical-resistant and reinforced polypropylene.

The ULTRAPURE is water-on-demand, a quality, revitalised filtering system that has many applications outside of the kitchen. Use it for rain, chemically and bore treated water supplies, and more.

If you’d like a sound solution for creating an environment for good bacteria, go ahead and take a look at the ULTRAPURE system. With this best water filter in Australia, you protect yourself and others from water-borne contaminants and harmful chemicals. 


The ULTRAPURE water filtration system is a great choice for:

  • Revitalising and restructuring water in a more orderly structure.
  • Creating better and healthier water with greater hydration.
  • Encourages drinking more water.
  • Taking cooking quality to a new level deeper tasting, quality water.
  • Water containing extra oxygen.

4. Triple Stage 10″ Under Sink Water Filter System with Ultraviolet Light

For removing sediments and dirt, to eradicate viruses and bacteria, and to create tastier water, the Triple Stage 10″ Under Sink Water Filter System comes with ultraviolet light for untreated water. The UVs eliminates 100% of unwanted pollutants found commonly in dam and tank water. That leaves your kitchen water supply safer and provides a great tasting drink of water.

Triple systems like this are the answer for removing bad elements from water supplies where you have high water usage. The ultraviolent application is one of the strongest available. There is no known microorganism immune to UV rays, and it’s effective against fungal spores, bacteria, and yeasts.

You get protection from fluoride, bad tastes, chlorine, and unpleasant odours. You can option one of two filters as well as kits for a variety of taps. The UV system is low maintenance and only requires a replacement lamp once a year.

The Triple undersink water filter will make a big difference. It promises a safe and clean system for producing better-tasting drinking water. This is a mid-priced option that’s perfect for water used for drinking, cooking, and aquariums.


Here are several benefits to using a triple-stage UV light water filtration system.

  • It uses high-performance filtration pleated filters, best for filtering high sediment levels or dirt that can obstruct polypropylene spun filters.
  • Pleated filters efficiently reduce rust, sediment, silt, algae, sand, and other unwanted compounds.
  • It comes with a larger surface area, meaning cartridges can manage a heavier sediment load.
  • These melt-blown filters don’t use a centre core which can restrict performance. They will not contain binders or adhesives and will never leave chemical residue in filtered water.

5. HPF 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filter System

Reverse osmosis successfully removes a vast majority of water contaminants. Considered a reliable process for water filtration, this best water filter in Australia removes heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, hardness, salts, and other inorganic elements. 

The 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Sink System has a unique design specific to managing Aussie waters. The chloramine filter removes that compound which is common in most capital cities. The system aids in producing tasty water with sound hydration. It helps the body function and recovers as nature planned.

The HPF 7 Stage uses alkaline engineering. It produces appropriate pH between 8.5–9.0 numbers, optimal for healthier drinking water.

The system also uses FAR. This is an infrared treatment similar to UV sanitation. It keeps the water bacteria and virus free, prolonging the lifespan of filtered water.


Here are several things you’ll appreciate about this product. It has:

  • A WaterMark Certified Reverse Osmosis Filter System certification.
  • Unique chloramine removal capability.
  • Sturdy Twin O-Ring housings.
  • Seven stages of revitalisation, purification, and filtration.
  • FAR infrared for increasing dissolved oxygen.
  • Universal drain clamp and 12 litre storage tank.

6. Neo-Pure TL3

The Neo-Pure undersink ultrafiltration system removes between 90% and 100% of particles 5,000 times smaller than the tip of a shred of hair. The process is similar to reverse osmosis, it won’t remove dissolved particles. The ultrafiltration production is best for consumers that want the quality of reverse osmosis without losing essential minerals.

You get the benefits of solid water filtration while minimising your eco-footprint. One disadvantage to reverse osmosis is wastewater. The Neo-Pure runs efficiently using low water pressure with no need for a booster pump. Its fibre membrane is hollow and enhances better filtration through increased surface areas.

For a finer taste to your water with eco-friendly processes, the Neo-Pure TL3 is well-priced with a big ROI. There’s never waste water and the Neo-Pure holds onto needed minerals known to get lost in other traditional filtration systems.


The Neo-Pure TL3 is the choice for cleaning your tap water if you want to:

  • Retain essential minerals lost in other systems.
  • Have a quick-change filter cartridge change.
  • Ensure there’s never waste water.
  • Utilise a larger surface area.
  • Maintain a higher flow rate.

7. Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

For optimal hydration, the Aquasana OptimH20 undersink filtration system brings the best drinking water to the table. It’s the first of its kind: a reverse osmosis system that uses a dual-powered filtration for remineralisation with CLARYUM® selective purification.

You’ll remove a significant number of water contaminants while keeping healthy minerals that typical reverse osmosis devices take out. The device eliminates over 90 per cent of fluoride as it demineralises water for better, cleaner water. You get to keep the magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These are healthier minerals that get lost in the reverse osmosis process. The Aquasana also improves pH balance for sound alkaline-rich drinking water.

Even as it keeps good minerals, this best water filter in Australia helps get rid of pesticides, VOCs, MTBEs, and herbicides. It also targets chloramines and chlorine. The instrument utilises calcite and Magflow. As water passes onto the third stage, the system adds potassium through ion exchange. Now, the remineraliser will only extract content that helps stabilise the water’s pH.

The Aquasana OptimH20 keeps good minerals in and bad ones out. The CLARYUM® feature helps provide selective purification alongside an ion exchange that filters heavy metal contaminants. Its design includes a membrane filter sump, eyedropper, foam seal, and more. Yes, this is a pricier option but promises to be a long-term investment you won’t regret.


Here are a few things for appreciating the Aquasana OptimH20.

  • Super filtration reduces a range of impurities.
  • Has an impressive flow rate for delivering optimally healthier water.
  • Remineralisation puts healthy minerals back in the water, improving water alkalinity and pH balance.
  • Captures chlorine and asbestos-resistant cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia.
  • Ion exchange filters mercury and lead.

Final Word

To find the best water filter in Australia, use the above list for a starting point. It contains a range of options that show the benefits of an undersink water filtration system. It provides greater reason to drink and cook with good water.