7 Best Waffle Makers in Australia (2022)

Making waffles at home is a simple way to brighten a bland weekday morning or create a special weekend brunch. A high-quality waffle maker can help you make this delicious breakfast dish whenever a waffle craving hits.

Premium waffle makers use features like non-stick plates, customisable settings, and deep shapes to create the ideal fluffy treat. Keep reading to learn more about the best waffle makers in Australia.

Best Waffle Makers of 2021

Here are our reviews of the seven best waffle makers. All of these products are available for purchase in Australia.

1. Breville VST072 DuraCeramic Waffle Maker

The Breville VST072 DuraCeramic Waffle Maker is a versatile appliance that is an intelligent choice for waffle enthusiasts seeking the best overall waffle maker. This popular model has excellent reviews and a simple design.

Although there are cheaper waffle makers available on the market, few competitors can match this waffle maker’s quality for the price. An excellent value and thoughtful features also set this product apart.

A durable DuraCeramic non-stick coating helps minimise messes and reduce cleaning effort by preventing the batter from sticking to the plates. Compared to other materials used for non-stick surfaces, DuraCeramiz offers superior performance and is safe to use with food items.

Users open the waffle maker with an oversized handle that creates a cool-touch material to prevent burns. While this device makes standard-sized waffles, a compact design helps optimise portability and simple handling.

Deep fill plates are perfect for foodies who like fluffier waffles. While the device’s design includes features meant to speed the warming process for golden brown waffles, some reviews share that the waffle maker may take longer to heat up.

Other valuable aspects of this waffle maker include illuminations that indicate cooking stat-us and non-slip feet that prevent accidents. This device will also stand upright on its side for more convenient storage.

Unfortunately, you cannot control or customise the cooking temperature on this waffle maker. But users find that this waffle iron makes tasty waffles that most people enjoy.


  • Non-stick coating that is easy to clean
  • Limiting leakage
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Convenient handling and storage


  • Can’t customise temperature controls
  • Slow heating up

2. Dash No-Drip Belgian Waffle Iron

This waffle maker from Dash has a design capable of making more than just fluffy Belgian waffles. Users can bake hashbrowns, paninis, and more in this waggle iron, dividing any treat into four portions ideal for sharing.

Unique heating technology ensures that this device evenly cooked waffles without burning or undercooking certain areas. It also uses a non-stick cooking surface for easy cleaning, and overflow channels prevent ambitious batter portions from leaking onto the counter.

The Dash Waffle Maker is also incredibly straightforward to use. It is ready to cook waffles within minutes of plugging in, allowing this device to cook waffles quicker than other competitors. Anti-slip feet make the product stable and less susceptible to accidents.

Although the larger size makes storage less convenient, many users appreciate the ability to cook large servings of waffles in a short amount of time. This product’s affordable price is also appealing, but high-quality materials and valuable features make this iron an excellent value.

Some reports indicate that this device’s handles occasionally break, but most users find that this waffle iron has good durability. Other parts of the device have a sturdy feel that stands up to everyday wear and tear.


  • Large size creates filling waffles
  • Suitable for cooking hash browns, pizzas, or paninis
  • Affordable price
  • Overflow channels prevent leaks


  • Flimsy handle sometimes breaks
  • Sticky latch can be difficult to open

3. Rome Old Fashioned Waffle Iron

The Rome Old Fashioned Waffle Iron is the best choice if you prefer to make old fashioned waffles in a cast iron waffle maker. This iron has a traditional shape that creates oversized round waffles.

Cast iron material offers superior durability that stands up better to long-time use compared to alternative materials. While this material is still easy to clean, some users prefer modern non-stick coatings. A hinge system allows the device to come apart for thorough cleaning.

Unlike modern electric waffle makers, this waffle iron uses the heat from a gas stove to cook waffles. Using a gas stove gives users greater control over temperature and cooking time. However, automatic temperature settings and timers may be better for novice cooks.

Like other cast iron pieces of kitchen equipment, the Rome Old Fashioned Waffle Iron is quite heavy. Extra weight makes it challenging to handle and transport but indicates high durability. The high-quality materials also contribute to the higher price tag associated with this product.

Some reviews share that this cast iron handle is too short to prevent burns without using potholders. And others prefer automatic waffle makers for increased convenience.


  • Creates oversized, old-fashioned waffles
  • Used with a gas stovetop for greater temperature control
  • Durable cast-iron material
  • Naturally non-stick


  • More expensive than comparable waffle makers
  • Less convenient for novice cooks

4. Domo D09047W Stainless Steel Waffle Maker

This stainless steel waffle maker from Domo uses 1400 W of power to make two extra-thick waffles simultaneously. This device is an excellent choice for users seeking a waffle maker that is easy to clean with a reliable non-stick coating.

The deep plates cook two fluffy 4″x7″ waffles next to each other. A convenient indicator lamp allows users to tell when the waffle maker reaches the ideal warmth quickly, and adjustable temperature settings enhance customisation to create the perfect waffle for every individual.

Controls include three browning level settings that enable waffle lovers to select how well done or fluffy they want their waffles to be. Most reviews highly recommend this feature for creating delicious waffles suitable for any taste.

Despite deep plates, this compact device is convenient to store in a horizontal or vertical position. The deep wells and non-stick coating also help prevent potential leaks from creating a mess in your kitchen.

A recipe booklet included with the purchase shares different ways to make great-tasting waffles and other treats in this waffle maker. However, the smaller size is not ideal for making different recipes besides waffles, and some users find the plastic materials too flimsy.


  • Browning levels and temperature controls for convenience
  • Incredibly easy to clean
  • Limited leakages
  • Deep baking plates for fluffy waffles


  • Users can only make two small waffles at a time
  • Lower-quality plastic build

5. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

This popular mini device is incredibly popular with users who only want to make individual waffles. The cute design bakes mini waffles, hash browns, and paninis to create an ideal snack for on-the-go breakfast.

With various colours available, this waffle maker is also suitable for individuals who appreciate devices with personality. It is only 4″ wide and perfect for people who want to enjoy smaller portions of their favourite breakfast treat.

The small size allows for better portability and convenience. It is incredibly compact and lightweight, with a weight of only 500g. You can easily use the Dash Mini Maker on the go to bake food anywhere, and its design is compatible with any type of wet better.

A reduced surface area also contributes to faster heating times compared to more enormous alternatives. When you’re in a rush to get out the door in the morning, this fast device can help you quickly make something to eat on the go.

The non-stick coating makes it easy to cleanly lift waffles out of the device without making a mess and makes cleaning simple. Although there are limited control settings, a one-step set-up makes it convenient for anyone to bake perfectly cooked waffles.

Although lightweight, the plastic material is less durable than more robust alternatives. Plus, the limited single waffle capacity may not be the best option for families with multiple hungry mouths.


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight and compact design ideal for travel
  • Simple cleaning and use
  • Creates mini waffles for convenient snacking


  • Too small for multiple people
  • Flimsy plastic material with reduced durability

6. Breville BWM520BSS No Mess Waffle Maker

The Breville No Mess Waffle Maker is a premium device for users who want a high-end waffle maker. Although this product is significantly more expensive than some of its competitors, many reviews find that this waffle maker’s superior materials and features are worth the cost.

There are seven settings on this waffle maker that gives users the most significant ability to customise their waffles. A tray wraps around the edge of the plate to catch any drips or leaks that could create messes. 

Other features like optimised heat distribution ensure waffles cook evenly, and a convenient indicator light lets you know when the device reaches the ideal temperature. Health-conscious users also appreciate the PFOA-free coating used to achieve non-sticking properties.

The stainless steel outer materials and aluminium interior plates have a tough finish and offer excellent durability. These materials are also easy to keep clean.

Different browning levels give users multiple options to create their favourite waffle style, ranging from airy to toast. Like other high-end waffle makers with numerous advanced features, this device does have a bulkier design that is more difficult to store. But most individuals appreciate the sturdier feel.


  • Seven settings for perfectly cooked waffles
  • High-quality materials and simple cleaning
  • Leak-free design with wrap-around moat
  • Even cooking with advanced heat distribution


  • Bulkier design makes storage difficult
  • Expensive price tag compared to competitors

7. BELLA Rotating Belgian Waffle Iron

This Rotating Waffle Maker has a low price that makes it ideal for waffle lovers on a budget. This product is also an excellent choice for individuals who want to access a waffle maker but don’t regularly use the device.

The rotating design of this waffle maker is typical to find in hotel breakfast areas. The efficient waffle maker can make tasty, fluffy Belgian waffles and features a control knob that allows users to select from 9 different settings for the ideal waffle.

A rotating waffle maker also requires users to turn the baking plates halfway through cooking to create an evenly cooked waffle. Some users find this bothersome when they are trying to get out the door on a busy morning.

You can also only make one waffle at a time with this waffle iron. But large, deep plates ensure that the waffle is large enough for people with bigger appetites. While this waffle maker is compatible with most waffle batters, it does not have the same versatility to cook other foods that some models offer.

A cool-touch handle allows you to rotate the waffle maker while in use safely, and a non-stick coating makes it easy to remove cooked waffles.

While this waffle maker does fold for storage, rotating models are more challenging to fit in tight spaces than more compact alternatives. Users who need better portability and convenience should consider different products.


  • 1000 Watts of power will cook four waffles individually in 10 minutes
  • Indicator light informs users when waffles are ready
  • Rotating designs encourage even cooking and browning
  • Dishwasher-safe drip tray protects counters from stray batter


  • Heavier model that is more difficult to transport and store
  • Shallow drip tray needs frequent cleaning to prevent overflow

Final Thoughts

There are various types of waffle makers that can create waffles that appeal to a variety of tastes. Finding the best waffle maker for your needs will depend on your budget, preferences, and lifestyle.

Classic waffle irons with deep plates are the best options for users who want to create thick Belgian-style waffles, while mini waffle makers are convenient for making breakfast-to-go. Busy people also often appreciate designs with built-in timers and automated settings.

The best waffle makers are convenient to store, easy to clean, and have settings that ensure even cooking to match your specifications. All of the models included on this list have quality materials and valuable features. If you want to enjoy this delicious breakfast treat any morning at home, consider investing in one of the best waffle makers in Australia.