12 Best Work Boots in Australia for Comfortable Walking

Just a few years ago, there were very few choices on the market for comfortable work shoes. If you had wide feet or needed waterproofing, it could be difficult to find the best work boots in Australia to suit your needs. Now, there has never been a better time to shop for comfortable walking work boots. 

Whether you’re on your feet all day in the trades or you enjoy hiking in the wild, you’ll have no trouble identifying work boots for comfortable walking. 

With so many options on the market, we put together a list of the best work boots in Australia for comfortable walking. But first, let’s take a look at the features of work boots so that we can target your individual needs. 

Choosing the Right Work Boots For You 

Everyone’s feet are unique–that means it’s more important than ever to know what you’re looking for in a work boot. 


Do you have wider feet? Narrower? Or perhaps your arches are raised. Many people also have feet that supinate (roll outward) or pronate (roll inward). It’s important to identify the way your feet interact with each other and with the ground.

Failing to identify your foot’s special shape and stride can result in hot spots in the boot when you’re walking. Also, you might wear the sole in irregular ways that can shorten the lifespan of your work boot if you walk a lot or hike regularly.

Industry Standards 

In Australia, there are hundreds of thousands of workers employed in industries that require special footwear. According to the Parliament of Australia, over 8% of Australians work in construction, 3% in Agriculture and Forestry, and 2% in Mining. Many of these trades demand that employees wear work boots. 

Most industries with boot regulations follow the AS/NZS guidelines for protective footwear. Check with your supervisor and consult your specific job requirements for boots before buying new ones.

Type of Work and Activities

It’s also a good idea to make a list of all the activities you’ll be doing in your work boots. Since we’re looking in detail at comfortable walking boots in this review, we’ll focus on walking. However, it’s worth your time to mark down all the types of work and locations you’ll likely be working in.

Some activities to think about when picking out the best work boots in Australia could be:

  • Climbing ladders or stairwells
  • Working in water
  • Crawling in small spaces
  • Digging with narrow shovels and tools
  • Working in dusty or muddy conditions
  • Hiking in rocky environments

All of these activities and workplaces can factor into your decision to identify the best work boots for you. 

The 12 Best Work Boots in Australia for Comfortable Walking

Now that we’ve gotten some of the special features and options in work boots in Australia out of the way, let’s start on our list of the best work boots for comfortable walking. This list isn’t organized in any order of quality–in fact, we think all of the boots included here will serve anyone well. 

1. Steel Blue Argyle 312102

Ever since Steel Blue’s founding in 1995, this 100% Australian-made work boot company has shown that it belongs among the ranks of the highest quality brands. 

The Argyle is one of Steel Blue’s most popular models on the Australian and international market. It is a 150 mm high-cut boot that will serve as a super comfortable member of your boot collection for years and years.

The Argyle is perfect for nearly any industry and body type. It’s the ideal all-around boot. Whether working in construction and walking for miles a day, this work boot is comfortable for all. It also complies with Australian, American, and European safety standards too.

It has a steel toe cap, water resistance, slip and oil resistance, 130-degree heat resistance, and a snug lace-up design. There are more durable options with Bump Caps available too. 

2. Oliver 55-322

This work boot from Oliver is distinctive for its slip-on design and flexibility, making it ideal for people needing lighter-weight walking boots. If you want an elastic and super comfortable walking boot, Oliver is for you.

The 55-322 is Oliver’s lightest model. They cut down weight in the sole and added in their COOLstep plush lining for added luxury. Add to that Oliver’s SOFTstride technology for flexible walking, and you’ve got a great summer work boot.

Keep in mind that this model is not as rigid or supportive as lace-up models with steel toe caps. The Oliver is marketed more as a low-density comfortable shoe with lots of foam and a polyurethane midsole. Check out this boot if you need a lighter shoe to complement beefier boots.

3. Ascent Alpha 2

The Alpha 2 is Ascent’s top-of-the-line walking and working boot, and the attention to detail that this reputable brand spent designing it really shows.

If you’re looking for comfortable walking as well as fully compliant safety in a boot, the Alpha 2 is a great mix. While the toe cap isn’t steel, it is made up of a composite material that cuts down the weight. It features arch support too, so long walks and hikes are built into this shoe’s DNA.

This boot has a side zipper as well as a lace-up design. Ascent’s commitment to comfort and support certainly shows in the easy slip-off features. We would go so far as to say that this boot is an athletic shoe disguised as a work boot.

4. Wide Load 690WZ 6 Inch

Wide Load specializes in podiatrist-approved boots for people with wide foot dimensions. With all their boots—and particularly the 690WZ—they have gone all out with design and comfort.

This company is Australia-based and they use high-quality leather in all their shoes. If you have broad feet or special arch requirements, Wide Load is a great company to check out if you’re in Australia.

The added width of this boot comes from its large steel toe cap and deep insole. With 15mm of extra space in the toes and more space for the heel, this shoe cradles larger feet and supports the ankle. Where other shoes aren’t designed specifically for extra width, the 690WZ makes no compromises. Comfortable walking and working are built into this boot.

5. Blundstone #983

Blundstone is known worldwide for its quality leather boots and fashionable design. No wonder–they’ve been around for 150 years. But did you know that they have been producing some of the most supportive and lightweight work shoes for decades?

The 983 is one of the most lightweight boots available in Australia with a steel toe and premium leather upper in the 150mm range. It has a secure zip-up design, padded tongue and collar, and a supercharged rubber outsole with all the resistances you’d expect:

  • 300-degree heat resistance
  • Oil, acid, and lipid tolerance
  • Resistant to microbes and fungus
  • 200-joule impact resistance on the toe cap
  • Electrical resistance

With so many benefits, it’s hard to find the downsides in this shoe. If your first demand for a comfortable walking work boot is lightweight materials, then Blundstone is the first place to look.

6. Redback Safety Boot Alpine USAOK

From their humble beginning in 1927 to the present time when Redback leads the pack in sophisticated design, their reputation has grown and grown. The Alpine USAOK is perhaps their most popular boot, and there’s no doubt why.

Besides Redback’s history as a top-shelf outfitter, their models are surprisingly inexpensive. The Alpine is no different. It would be hard to find a work boot that better spans the gap between quality and price point.

This model only comes in one colour—claret. So, while it’s a handsome shoe, you won’t have many colour options. There’s a good reason for the limited palate—the upper is made of premium leather that moulds to fit your ankles. 

Whether you work in the garden, on the factory floor, or walk extensively, the Redback is a good boot for all-around comfort.

7. Rossi 700 Trojan

Rossi is popular for a reason. Their premium uppers and Endura air cushion soles provide a great compromise between support and comfort. It could be hard to find a store that stocks the 700 Trojan though. They are regularly in high demand. Keep your eyes open. They periodically get restocked in the best boot outfitters.

While the 700 Trojan is no longer manufactured in Australia—they moved to Indonesia—the quality hasn’t dropped off much. They still include antistatic insoles, a rubber/polyurethane blended sole, and full-grain kip leather uppers. Rossi is still a high-quality brand.

The 700 Trojan has a rear pull tab design, so it’s better suited for comfortable walking than support in heavy industry. Nevertheless, the soles have great traction and a 100% steel toe cap. If you walk a lot and need a boot that comes on and off easily, this boot is for you.

8. Hard Yakka Y60120

This company’s motto is “Nothing’s Tougher” and we wholeheartedly agree in the case of the Y60120. Known primarily as the work boot with the widest steel toe box in the market, this all-around utility boot should be high up on your list if your feet are a little on the wide end.

Unlike many competitors, the Y60120 has elements of breathable nylon in the upper, making it ideal for the summer months, longer walks, and high-temperature worksites.

Heat resistance goes up to the industry standard 130 degrees in these boots, and they include all the important tolerances like fuel, oil, and slip resistance. They come in a striking wheat colourway, making them stand out in the workplace.

9. Blundstone 992

A little higher in our list, we included the Blundstone #983, and now we have another stand-out boot from the good people over at Blundstone–the 992. This model is undeniably one of the most popular work boots in Australia and you’re likely to find many workers sporting them.

While the #983 is known for its lightweight design, the 992 is a heavier and more rugged boot. Its nitrile rubber outsole is beefy with 5mm of added tread to improve traction. If your walks are long or you plan to trek across uneven terrain, consider the 992 over the #983.

Like most Blundstones, this boot comes standard with cut and slip resistance as well as hydrolysis prevention thanks to its breathable lining. This shoe also includes a steel shank in the sole that guarantees maximal stability. 

10. Caterpillar Argon Zip

Caterpillar has been producing performance-based work boots all around the world for decades. Along the way, they have perfected a lot of high-end technologies that make their work boots great for comfortable walking. 

First among their innovations is their Ergo midsole. While other work boots take months to mould to your ankle, the Argon Zip comes ready to shape to your foot right away. It cradles the foot and cups the heel and arch. If you have an irregular foot shape or walking stride, the Argon could be great for you.

Besides the Caterpillar Ergo midsole, the full-grain leather upper is oil, heat, water, and abrasion-resistant. It even boasts electrical hazard tolerance for workers in those fields. Keep in mind that these boots are not waterproof–they’re resistant–and they don’t offer a heavy-duty feel for industrial workplaces.

11. Puma Conquest Waterproof

Speaking of waterproofing, it’s hard to find a work boot as versatile in wet conditions as the Puma Conquest. This boot is sleek, moulds around the ankle tightly, and suitable for some of the toughest worksites and walking conditions. And it’s less expensive than most boots!

The Conquest is a little taller than standard boots at 18mm. The added height increases support. However, it also sports a convenient side zip so putting on and taking off these tall boots is a breeze. The leather is heat resistant to 300 degrees too–a feature usually restricted to top-shelf work boots in Australia.

The best feature of the Puma Conquest has got to be its dependable waterproof nubuck leather. If you regularly work in the rain or walk in moist terrain, check out this boot. The superior waterproof design comes from its drawn-up Scuff cap in the toe box. 

12. Timberland 6

Our final work boot in Australia in our roundup is the classic Timberland 6. Like the Puma Conquest, this boot is designed for waterproof requirements so keep that in mind if your activities will be in moist conditions.

Almost everyone is familiar with the traditional shape of the Timberland 6. All around the world this high-end brand has a reputation for durability, style, and toughness. Full-grain leather comes standard with the upper as well as an industry-leading seam seal construction that guarantees the water stays off your feet.

The Timberland 6 also boasts a 400g Primaloft insulation material in the lining, making cold feet a thing of the past. This work boot is also among the most durable on the market thanks to its anti-fatigue technology and steel boot shaft. Gone are the days when your boots only last a year. 

Final Verdict

With that, we’ve outlined our picks for the 12 best work boots in Australia for comfortable walking. No matter your unique foot and work needs, all the above shoes are sure to suit safety and comfort standards. All that’s left to do is narrow the choices down to one. We hope we’ve passed along all the information you need to pick out the best pair of boots for you!