20 Best Golf Balls Available in Australia

You might be thinking that all golf balls are just the same. You may also think that your choice of the golf ball will not affect your gameplay. This is the primary reason why average golfers spend hours just to get their golf clubs in its best state.

But what most people do not know is that a golf ball is as important as an excellent golf club. Choosing your golf ball as well as its brand is a vital part of every game.

You should base your choice of golf balls to what you think will satisfy the requirement of your game. Now, if you aren’t sure with your golf club choice, here is an evaluation of the best golf balls that you can find.

Premium Choice

Bridgestone Tour B X/XS/RX/RXS

In terms of performance, we can say that this golf ball has a rating of five stars. The Tour B X and XS are best for players who do not miss any hit often. On the other hand, the Tour B RX and RXS are for those who are in need of low-compression help for average swing speeds.

If you want a golf ball that promotes less curve on driver shots, the firmer X and the softer RX are the best choices. On the other hand, the Tour B XS and RXS provide a softer feel and the most greenside spin.

Callaway Chrome Soft with Chrome Soft X

Rated with a five-star performance, the Callaway Chrome Soft with Chrome Soft X high-speed ball with lower compression feel. The outer core has nano-substance graphene for it to become stronger over a soft inner core. And because the inner core is softer, it offers less spin as well as a high launch on long shots.

This golf ball also offers greatness for a short-shot spin. The reason is that its firm and stronger outer core improves energy and helps in pinching the soft cover.

Callaway ERC Soft

The new Callaway ERC Soft has a dual-core that utilizes the same nanoparticle that Chrome Soft uses. The said nano-particle won a Nobel Prize which gives you an assurance that this golf ball is worth your investment.

The nano-particle integrated to the Callaway ERC Soft gives more strength to the outer core. It also allows the large inner core to make distance using less driver spin.

On the other hand, the golf ball has a hybrid cover that allows more short-shot spin that other standard distance balls.

Mizuno RB Tour with RB Tour X

This one is another new golf ball that you can find in the market. Mizuno, the manufacturer of this golf ball spent twelve years of wind-tunnel testing that gave this golf ball its cone-dimple design.

If you are aiming for a reduction of spin on wings along with a downward attack angle. On the other hand, the RB Tour X is for fast wings with an angle of upward attack.

Srixon Z-Star with Z-Star XV

The Z-Star XV and Z-Star golf balls are an excellent choice for golfers who are looking for golf-balls for long game distance. The Z-Star XV has a firmer dual-core while the Z-Star has a standard core. Still, both golf ball models have graduated cores as well as a tougher mantle for better long-game distance.

Due to a supermolecule integrated to this golf ball’s urethane coating, its thin cover still provides optimal spin and better grabs on your grooves and wedges.

TaylorMade TP5 with TP5X

These golf balls are perfect for golfers who are looking for balls designed for a speed increase. The reason is that the TP5 and TP5X are both five-layer balls covered with mantle material.

The mantle material is also stiffer and more durable compared to other golf ball coverings. So, when the ball compresses on the driver and long-distance shots, the ball goes back to shape and acquires more velocity.

Titleist AVX

This golf ball is a combination of a flexible mantle layer as well as a urethane-cover ball lineup. The combination of these two elements works with the golf ball’s core. For short-shots, these two elements provide greenside spin as well as ball speed off the driver and long middle irons.

Titleist Pro V1 with Pro V1X

The brand Titleist improved the distance that this golf ball can take by reducing the cover by .005 inches. They also added a thicker mantle boos driver and iron ball speed to give a positive effect on the distance that this ball can travel.

Titleist Pro V1X can fly higher and spin more compared to other golf balls. It also feels firmer than the standard Titleist Pro V1. This factor is the primary reason why the demand for these golf balls is really high.

In terms of performance, golfers give a five-star rating for both these golf balls.

Volvik S3 with S4

For better transfer of energy, Volvik mixed bismuth to the core of the S3 and S4 golf balls. The combination of bismuth in the ball’s core adds up to the density of the ball.

Volvik S4 has a firmer compression and has a speed of more than 105 miles per hour. On the other hand, if you want a golf ball with a slower speed, the Volvik S3 swings at 95 to 110 miles per hour.

Wilson Staff FG Tour

The FG Tour golf ball delivers best class spin and a top-notch distance off the tee. In addition to these, the unmatched soft feel of this golf ball considers being the lowest compression tour ball in the market today.

If you are looking for a golf ball with tough performance and soft feel in every game, the FG Tour is exactly what you are looking for.

This four-piece golf design has two firm layers of mantles as well as an extra-soft urethane cover. This cover provides an impressively higher spin on all clubs and drivers. The workmanship results in more controllable ball flight off the tee. It also provides high-spinning ball into the green.

Mid-Range Golf Balls

Bridgestone E12 Soft

The core is the engine of every golf ball. For this reason, Bridgestone integrated a new mantle layer which uses a compound to produce more cohesive bond to the core and cover. This factor helps in delivering more energy and impact on the shots.

Moreover, straight distance is what every golfer aims for. This is exactly what the Bridgestone E12 Soft offers. This golf ball is soft on the wedge or putter. On the other hand, it produces a dull sound when on the green. This ball feels as if it melts into the club face.

OnCore Elixr

The OnCore Elixr golf ball is a three-piece construction that utilized a metal-infused ionomer mantle layer, polybutadiene rubber core, and a urethane cover. These three give players different and better spin profile as well as a softer feel.

The infusion of composite cores and a new mantle improves the perimeter weighting of this golf ball. This combination of core and mantle boosts the ball’s stability for better control when you play during windy seasons.

Snell MTB Black

If you are looking for a tour calibre golf ball, the Snell MTB Black is a perfect choice. Its urethane cover helps this ball spin and check around the greens. It also gives an excellent feel off the wedges as well as the putter.

Golf players who prefer high-spinning golf ball will greatly benefit from using the Snell MTB Black. This direct-to-consumer ball has a strong pedigree. It is also a three-piece ball with a cast urethane cover which produces greenside checking.

On the other hand, This golf ball has a low lift and low drag to help keep shots floating in the wind.

Srixon Q-Star Tour

If you specialize in average swing speeds, the Srixon Q-Star Tour is the golf ball for you.

This golf ball has a cover made of urethane as well as a soft inner core. The reason why this golf ball is perfect for average speed is that the soft core is easier to compress for low spin and high launch off the tee. On the other hand, the cover, which is tour-like, improves the ball’s grip around the green.

Srixon Soft Feel

This mid-level compression ball offers soft feel and low spin. But still, it still has the energy transfer that offers optimal distance through its tour-ball dimple pattern.

This golf ball’s manufacturer combined the Energetic Gradient Growth core to this ball for a better launch and less drag. It also helps in improving the aerodynamics for better distance acquisition.

TaylorMade Project (S)

A flexible mantle layer, lower-compression rubber core, as well as a resilient ionomer cover are what the TaylorMade Project (S) holds for a softer feel. The ionomer cover is responsible for generating more speed on driver shots. Most golf balls use urethane covers but such cannot produce the same driver shot speed that ionomer cover does.

Titleist DT Trusoft

This two-piece golf ball model is the softest among all the balls in the Titleist line. The larger core size gives the energy to produce more ball speed. It also has a low compression which improves feel and reduces driver spin. For shorter shots, the flexible cover material of this golf ball gives you some grab on the driver.

Top-Flite Gamer Urethane

If you are a golfer who is looking for a golf ball that is perfect for a higher wedge spin, then take a look at this Top-Flite Game Urethane.

The urethane cover of this golf ball is responsible for its wedge spin improvement. On the other hand, the golf ball has a firm mantle layer which limits the driver spin and improves distance.

Each dimple’s interior also contributes to the speed of the ball. It creates tighter airflow which makes longer carry possible.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft

The Wilson Staff Duo Soft is the leader among low compression golf balls, With only a low compression of 29, this two-piece golf ball utilizes its soft feel in order to reduce spin. The spin reduction, on the other hand, is responsible for more distance.

This golf ball also has a firm cover which improves the transfer of energy and impact. Lastly, the shallower dimples compared to other ball models gives this golf ball a higher flight.

Budget Golf Balls

Cut Blue

The Cut Blue golf ball has two strong mantle layers which enhance its speed and improves trajectory. Built on its original four-piece design, this Cut Blue version has a urethane cover that makes it softer for a greenside spin.

the brand redesigned this golf ball in order to improve the feel as well as the consistency of full shots.

OnCore Avant 55

This golf ball is for golfers who have low to mid swing speeds. It has a low compression that drops into the mid-50s and produces distance off the driver. These characteristics help the ball to reduce spin.

The Avant 55’s low compression also aids high launch and gives a soft feel on putts and wedge shots.

Which golf ball do you think is the best for you? We would love to hear from you, so leave us a comment down below!

Best Cycling Glasses For Onroad Riders in Australia

You might find it weird to see cyclists wearing eyeglasses even when it is not sunny. But the thing is, these eyeglasses are for protection purposes. Our eyes are a very delicate organ. 80 percent of all the information that our brain receives passes our eyes. To effectively protect your eyes, you need the best cycling glasses.

Apart from protection from too much light, eyeglasses can also prevent dust, rain, dirt, grit, and even insects from getting into your eyes while you are riding your bike. It can also reduce the risk of having headaches that squinting into sunshine might bring. Therefore, having sunglasses that you can use for both on-road and offroad cycling is a must.

What to Look For When Buying Australian Cycling Eyeglasses

Like any other products that you may find in the market today,eyeglasses have various features for your benefit. These glasses look great when you are wearing them. It also protects your eyes from all the projectiles that may get into your eyes at any angle.

Below are the factors that you have to look for when choosing cycling glasses:

UV Protection

When you love to bike for long hours, it is important that you have something to protect your eyes from UV lights. Cycling glasses with UV protection are very beneficial since it is difficult to tell how much damage the sun could bring your eyes.

Anti-fog Coating

When you are biking on cold weather, chances are you will have your eyeglasses all fogged up. This is the reason why you need to make sure that the cycling glasses you will buy have an i-fog coating. You may also find some eyeglasses that have specially designed vents. These vents allow fog build-up to clear instantly.

Hydroleophobic Coating

The hydroleophobic coating is an exterior surface coating for the cycling glasses. This specialized chemical compound repels dirt so it will not stick on your lens. It also prevents grime build-up which may hinder you from seeing the road clearly.

Grippers and nose piece

You have to make sure that your cycling glasses fit perfectly. This is to make sure that you are comfortable while you are wearing it. Glasses that do not fit right will not stay in place when you are cycling or rough roads. For this reason, look for cycling glasses that come with an adjustable nose piece.

You can also opt for eyeglasses with silicone grippers along the legs to make sure that your eyewear will not fall off while you are cycling.

Photochromic Lenses

Cycling glasses with photochromic lenses automatically change their tint to reduce glare. The darkness of the tint depends on its exposure to light. Although this type of eyeglasses comes with a heavy price tag, it is very beneficial for people who bike out into changing conditions.

Review of the Best Cycling Glasses in Australia

There are far too many cycling glasses brands that you can find in the market. For this reason, you may find it hard to look for one that perfectly fits your needs. This is why we searched for some of the best ones that the market offers.

1. Bolle Shifter Phantom

These very stylish eyeglasses will never disappoint you when it comes to quality. Its angular look somehow manages to be a combination of modern and a little retro style.

The Bolle Shifter has an impact-resistant, single-piece lens that ensures great stability. It also holds specialized vents and anti-fogging treatments which lets you use the eyeglasses even in cold seasons. This way, the glasses do not steam up during humid seasons.

In an instance that you are biking on a bumpy road, you never have to worry that these glasses will fall off. The reason is that it has a robust frame that feels very comfortable and the kinked legs grip on your head very well. It also comes with a prescription option catered to the people who need it.

2. Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road

The design of the Jawbreaker Prizm Road sunglasses released by the brand Oakley in 2015 reignited the big sunglasses trend. The glasses have coverage of 533mm tall and a width of 131mm. On the other hand, the frame, although a little bit chunky, is only visible at extreme angles.

This sunglasses’ 53mm tall lens is very beneficial when you are driving in downward roads as the extended upper piece enables you to see up the road when your head is facing downwards. On the other hand, the width considerably wraps around the face. Its lower parts have scallops that make room for your cheekbones.

You can also be sure that these glasses will fit your face perfectly since both the nosepiece and earpieces are adjustable. This adjustable fit also assures sturdiness, thanks to Oakley’s very own Unobitainum rubber bits.

The Jawbreaker Prizm Road also has vents to make sure that there will be no fog building up in the inner part of the glasses. And although it is not the lightest eyewear that you will find in this review, 34g isn’t much of a nuisance when worn.

These sunglasses come in various colors, so you can say that it is both men and women’s cycling glasses.

3. Rudy Project Sintryx

The Rudy Project Sintryx has a metal logo located on the bridge of the nose. This metal logo doubles as a button that enables a sprung catch that pushes the frame’s top and bottom apart when you need to remove the glasses’ lenses. The sprung catch lets you remove the lenses without any force or effort needed.

This eyewear weighs 33g and has a lens-swapping design that makes it a superb choice for both cyclocross and gravel riding. It has an impressive glare reduction, which makes sure that your eyes will not strain due to too much sunlight.

What also adds up to the excellence of this product is its Tralyx frames, customized by Rudy himself. The frames are heavily vented and shaped using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. CFD software ensures that the airflow in this eyewear is consistent. This factor ensures that the glasses are free from any fog build-up.

However, Sintryx glasses are quite expensive. Still, you can consider it as a good investment as it comes with three interchangeable lenses, a cleaning fabric, as well as a hard case for storage.

4. 1oo% S2 Sunglasses

The brand 100% seems like it came out of nowhere, but still, it is now one of the most popular eyeglass brands. Its initial version, the S1 is popularized by Sagan, but its large coverage does not suit everyone. This is the main reason why 100% launched the S2.

Just like the S1, S2 has a retro-inspired design with crystal frames and shield lens. But unlike its previous version, the S2 caps the corner of its lens. It is also slimmer with a dimension of a little to 56mm at its deepest.

The S2 sunglasses’ mirrored Hiper lens is the brand’s best. In addition, it has promising durability due to its machined edges that protect it from chipping. It also comes with clear lenses that you can use on not-so-sunny weathers. Two different nose pieces, a hard case for storage, as well as a bag which makes purchasing these sunglasses worth it.

5. Alba Optics Delta

The Alba Optics Delta is the first cycling glasses that its brand ever launched. It may look like it came from the ’80s, but these sunglasses are a thoroughly modern one. The lenses measure 58mm and offer excellent clarity and coverage. But it might be too large for smaller faces.

The curvy arms of these sunglasses create a firm grip on your face, so it will not easily fall off during rough drives. The maker of these sunglasses, Alba Optics offers 11 various choices of lens and 8 different frame colors.

To assure that the lens will not get any distortion, Alba Optics used an optically-corrected full-wrap lens. It also has TR90 in the frames. The TR90 is a combination of nylon and carbon which makes these sunglasses very up-to-date.

6. Ekoi PE9 Quickstep

The French online cycling apparel brand Ekoi partnered with one of the pro-teams in the industry: Quick-Step. This partnership leads to the emergence of PE9 Quickstep Sunglasses.

Above all the sunglasses reviewed in this guide, the PE9 have one of the biggest frames. Its frames have thick grips to prevent it from falling off as well as large vents which ensures that there will be no fog build-up on its 57mm deep lens.

The EP9 is especially excellent for sunnier weather as the lenses’ tint is too dark. If you cannot choose among the readily-made models, you can go and specify your desired frame, arm, contrast color, and the lens and the manufacturers will have it made for you for the same price.

7. Endura FS260 Pro

The Endura FS260 Pro Sunglasses is perfect for people who are looking for cycling glasses with plenty of extras. It comes with three lenses, a bag, and a sturdy hard case. One of the lenses is light reactive, which you can use on very sunny weather.

It is quite easy to change the lenses; however, detaching the nosepiece and reattaching it to the other lenses is a little robust until you get used to it. You can assure that these sunglasses will stay in its place as the legs’ grip are very firm, and the nosepiece is adjustable. It also has a rubber gripper on the brow which helps this product to stay in its place.

The lens, which measures 52mm, has a distinct curve from the bottom to top which adds up to the level of protection. However, this enclosed lens also tends to acquire fog build-up.

8. Lazer Eddy Sunglasses

Lazer, a Belgium-based brand released its new sunglasses model, Eddy. This shield lens has a more substantial frame with the nosepiece built into the frame itself. The arms are tightly attached to the frame, which causes these sunglasses to hold in place very well. The 48mm deep lens covers the face decently and has vents to avoid fogging when you are biking on cold seasons.

The only downside that these sunglasses have is that the lenses are a bit difficult to change. This is because on the first few times, the connection on the nose bridge can be pretty tight. Still, the radiused edges of its lens is an assurance that they will not acquire any damage when manhandled.

9. Scott Sport Shields

If you are looking for cycling glasses with retro styles, then the Scott Sports Shields is something that you should never look past on. At its deepest, the lens has a size of 60mm and has a simple and over the top frame.

It also has an adjustable nose bridge and for a more solid grip, the makers of these sunglasses added a spring-tension in its arms. Protection-wise, you can make sure that this one will offer great coverage that prevents dirt and dust from getting into your eyes at any angle. And although the lens may fog a little when you slow down in biking, it quickly clears up when you speed up again.

The lens quality is very commendable as it is very clear. It only weighs 33.7g, so it will not bother you when you are biking.

10. Tifosi Amok

The Tifosi Sunglasses is a men’s cycling glasses with a full-frame set as well as a mid-size of 44mm deep lens. The materials used in creating the frame is light and durable nylon: the Grilamid TR-90. This material is said to have the ability to resist chemical and UV damage for better protection.

The temple tips are sticky, so it will not slide off your face when you are wearing it. On the other hand, the nose bridge is adjustable, so it does a fantastic job of keeping the glasses in its proper place.

You will never find a hard time changing the lenses although they only come with a single lens set. It also has vents placed at the brow area which prevents fog build-up.

Cycling glasses are a must for every biker. Not only that these very useful items look good when worn, but they also provide great protection for your eyes, too.

Do you have any comments regarding this article? We’d love to hear them so please leave them, in the comment section down below!

6 Best Yonex Badminton Rackets in Australia

Are you aiming to take your game on another level? Then the best badminton racket is what you need.

Badminton is a very competitive game that is as tough as the other sports that you can imagine. This game demonstrates speed, agility, stamina, power, and delicate skills. But apart from the physical aspect, a player also needs the best equipment.

High-quality badminton rackets are what you need if you want to improve your game. The need for new game equipment changed a lot ever since badminton was first played. These days, players opt for strong but lightweight material that they can use for great accuracy and for smashing.

Today’s badminton rackets have a lot of new features and its manufacturers are doing a lot of research in order to meet the changing needs of the game.

It is imperative for every player to have the right racket. For this reason, we compiled seven of the best badminton rackets that you can find in Australia.

Guide in Choosing the Right Badminton Rackets

If you are just starting with badminton, you do not have to have a determined style since you are yet to discover your abilities. This is the reason why you need to start with a budget-friendly and beginner-friendly racket. Such rackets are affordable and very beneficial, so they are great to use while you are finding out your style.

There are four important factors that you need to take into account when you are choosing your racket as listed below:

Balance Point

The balance point varies on your play’s style. If you are aiming for more power, your racket’s balance point must lean towards the head. On the other hand, the balance point of your racket must focus on the handle if you want to have more control over your racket.

You may already have a racket before you discovered that you prefer power over control. To change its balance point, you can buy a lightweight badminton grip and wrap it in your racket’s head instead of buying a new one.

On the other hand, if you happen to prefer control over power, you can change the stringing of your racket into a lightweight one. You can also wrap up the handle two to three times with a heavy badminton grip.


The weight of your badminton racket plays a very important role in the overall power of your game. The heavier your racket is, the more power it will deliver.

Additionally, there are different weight categories when it comes to weight. These are the 2U (90-94 grams), 3U (85-89 grams), 4U (80-84 grams), and 5U (75-79 grams).

The 3U variation is perfect for people who prefer to play in singles. On the other hand, the lighter racket which is the 4U is suitable when you are playing in doubles.

While heavy rackets offer more power, they tend to be much harder to control. Such rackets can be a problem unless you are very skilled and you can control its weight.

The Frame’s Shape

You have two options when it comes to the shape of your racket’s frame. These are the isometric shape and the traditional oval shape.

The isometric or square shape offers great help if you want to land the shuttle into the right spot. Badminton rackets with excellent isometric shape as well as great tension will make it easier for you to achieve the perfect shot.

On the other hand, traditional oval rackets are trickier to use if you want your shot to land on its sweet spot. But you can acquire a high success rate if you have the skills that an oval-shaped racket requires.

The Shaft

There are two types of racket shafts. These types are the stiff shaft and the flexible shaft.

The stiff shaft holds less repulsion, so you need to release more powerful swings. You also have to note that stiff shafts are not for beginners and this type is more suited for intermediate and advanced-level players.

If you are still a beginner in the field of badminton, a flexible shaft is more recommended. The reason is that using such a type does not require you to focus on generating power. So, you can focus more on your game technique.

Repulsion on the stiff shaft is undeniably much better, but it sacrifices your shuttlecock’s possibility to land on its right spot. But with flexible shafts, you do not have to generate more power in order to get an accurate shot. This is why you need to start with a flexible shaft if you are only starting with badminton.

The flexible shaft also won’t tire your wrist while you are playing as you do not have to put more force into using it. It allows you to put your focus more on defensive shots as well as your strategy.

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets in Australia

1. Yonex Arcsaber 10

Some of the most professional players in the line of badminton choose this racket for many reasons. Primarily, it offers fantastic control and solid feeling. The maneuverability is also notable plus it gives accurate shots.

It provides great repulsion, the reason why most professionals consider it to be the best in the range. This racket has a very solid feel which makes it perfect for games even when used straight out of the bag. The slight twist on the racket makes your shots solid even in extreme conditions.

And although the smashing power of the Yonex Arcsaber 10 is not that strong, you can significantly make it better by integrating lead tapes to the head of the racket. This racket offers everything that your game demands.

2. Yonex Arcsaber 11

If you find it hard to use the Yonex Arcsaber 10 but you do still want it for your game, then you can opt for its more improved version: the Yonex Arcsaber 11.

This improvement of the Arcsaber 10 is perfect for players on the intermediate and beginner-level players. At first, you make think that the Arcsaber 11 a balanced and well-rounded racket, but as you constantly use it, you will come to realize that it is a racket for power.

This racket is firm, it has a low level of flexibility, and shaft and grip are long. The length of the grip and shaft makes it possible for players to reach difficult shots.

The Arcsaber 11 also features stiffness. This means that the power you exert will go into the shuttle and not into bending the racket. This very long racket is extremely easy to use with regards to power shots.

You can also greatly benefit from this racket if you are playing in the midcourt since this racket’s strongest features are attack and defense. Still, it is also perfect for frontcourt playing as it gives you enough p[ower and speed for net shots.

3. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2

The Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 is a replacement of the old Voltric Z Force. This racket has a heavy head that is catered to for advanced players.

It is available in two versions; the first one weighs 83 grams and the other weighs 88 grams. The string tension also varies on the version that you will purchase. The first one has a string tension of 20 pounds while the other has a string tension of 28 pounds.

If you are looking for a perfect reason to choose this product, then it is the fact that this one is perfect for solid smashes. The power that this racket produces can make your shuttle land perfectly.

Players who swing their racket heavily can greatly benefit from this badminton racket. The reason is that much of the weight is on its head and the weight is not really that light. These factors significantly help you to make an almost effortless swing.

4. Yonex Voltric 70

The Voltric 70 is under the 4U racket weight classification with an average weight of 83 grams. Its weight and the size of the grip are the measurements of a typical racket that you can find in the market, so it would not take so much adjustment once you use this product.

Flexibility-wise, this racket is stiff. This is the primary reason why this racket is perfect for beginners than for intermediate and professional players. If you are just starting with badminton, you should choose a racket that has a flexible shaft.

The Voltric 70 boasts an isometric head, so even if the shuttle does not hit the center, it will still land on the right spot since the racket’s head produces enough energy.

This racket is also excellent for defensive players as it will make it easy for them to respond to the attacks of the opponents.

5. Yonex Voltric 5

The Voltric 5 is the most budget-friendly among all the Voltric models that Yonex offers. But the price did not hinder this racket from having all its amazing features.

This racket can give you very powerful shots and balance. The weight is also light enough to help you have very fast reactions. And if you are a player who specializes in defense, then you should look no further and choose the Voltric 5.

Its light weight helps greatly for players to play in the frontcourt and gives solid power for a fast counterattack.

6. Yonex Voltric 1DG

If repulsion is what you are looking for, then you might want to take a look at the Voltric 1DG by Yonex. It has Super High Elasticity High Modulus Graphite that provides decent smashing power.

One of the most important factors integrated into this racket is the Tri-voltage system. This integration allows players to release more powerful smashes, yet very fast handling at the same time. Such results to more accurate and rapid counterattacks.

The Voltric 1DG also carries superb tension that allows you to make the shuttle land at its sweet spot. The excellent tension comes from the racket’s isometric frame as well as the very similar length between the vertical and horizontal strings.

Personally selecting your own racket is very important as you have to see if your choice is your perfect match. Always take your time in choosing to make sure that the one you chose comes with all the features that you need. If you are still a newbie in badminton, you might want to consider choosing the best badminton racket for beginners.

Which do you think is the best Yonex badminton racket? Leave us a comment down below!

7 of The Best Family Tents in Australia

Recently, we started looking for the best family tents in Australia. My family has been fond of taking outdoor trips to camping sites close to where we live.

Thus, we were compelled to invest in a tent that will suit our needs. Although the kids were quite enthusiastic about owning a family camping tent, I felt it was a challenging endeavour trying to pick out the best family tent of choice for us. 

Best family tents in Australia for group camping

With a wide selection of family tent reviews online, buying the most suitable brand can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you and the entire brood go backpacking, camping, and hiking, you should consider the size of the tent that you will purchase.

Best Australian family tents

To help you make your tent shopping experience much easier, I came up with a list of the best family tents for camping in this Australian shopping guide. I will be picking out several types of tents and discuss the varied features to consider before buying a specific brand. 

1. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

If you reckon on buying the best and the largest camping tent in the market, this Coleman product will be the right choice. You can set it up quickly without much hassle. 

Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent

This 8-person tent offers enough room for two queen size air mattresses. With plenty of headroom, you can camp out comfortably with the entire family. You can definitely turn the tent into two rooms. You simply hang the dividers for added privacy. It is quite accessible because of its front and back door.  Ventilation is awesome with its seven huge windows. The safety features of this Coleman family tent include strong flexible frames, water-resistant floor, and zipper cuff.

>>Visit this page to learn more and purchase this Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent.

2. Wenzel Great Basin 9 Man Tent

If you are camping out with quite a large family who prefers plenty of space, this Tent from Wenzel Great Basin will definitely suit your needs well. With its 9 person capacity, there are definitely loads of room inside the tent to accommodate the whole family. There will be enough space to allow each member of the family to sleep comfortably. With additional pockets, storage of personal belongings for the family will be handy. For privacy, you can install the dividers to create three separated rooms. It is that convenient!

Wenzel Great Basin 9 Man Camping Tent

This tent comes with its latest Lite Reflect feature. This is a loft on top of the tent which allows you to place a light directly to the reflective panel (built-in). This allows beams of light to evenly reach the entire tent.  Added features for this Wenzel Great Basin Tent include shock-resistant corded fiberglass poles, ports for electrical cord accessibility as well as reliable weather protection. For safety, the tent comes with a single front door and four windows with a mesh. The room vents come with mesh too.

>>Visit this page to learn more and purchase this Wenzel Great Basin 9 man tent. 

3. Coleman Silver Series Instant-Up 6-Person Tent

Coleman has yet another awesome tent to offer for all those camping-loving families. You will surely assemble this Coleman Silver Series Instant-Up 6-Person Tent in a snap so your family can have fun outdoors.  For a small family of six, this Coleman tent can cater to one queen size air bed plus a couple of sleeping bags for the kids. Do not worry, this tent has enough room left for your camping gear and personal belongings. The small awning will allow the kids to play while you lounge and watch them from the outside.

Coleman Silver Series Instant-Up 6-Person Group Tent

It comes with provision for ample ventilation with two large front doors and windows on each side. For your family’s protection from outdoor elements, it was designed with waterproof flooring and zipper cuff. With its flexible/durable frames, you are assured that it can withstand wind and gust. 

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4. Eureka Canyon 4-Person Tent

For a family of four, this Eureka Canyon Tent is definitely a winner. This lightweight tent is definitely easy to carry along with you for a night of backpacking and hiking. With just 6 poles to carry and a cabin-like design, this tent is so easy to set up. Forget about the time-consuming and mind-boggling tents to assemble. It ruins your mood for some great outdoor fun. 

Eureka Canyon 4-Person Tent Camping

Although this may not have enormous space inside, this will be perfect for a small family. With its 2 mesh gear pockets, you will surely enjoy extra internal storage.

With its large door and 4 huge windows as well as a vent on the roof, ventilation is off the worry list. It can definitely protect you and your family from the harsh elements outdoors.  The Eureka Canyon 4-Person Tent comes with a limited lifetime warranty too.

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5. Kelly Trail Ridge 4 Person Tent

For those camping enthusiasts who prefer lightweight tents, this Kelly Trail Ridge tent will surely fit your needs. This compact tent is perfect for small families who would want to go hiking and trekking. While this is a relatively small tent, it is durable and can withstand the unfamiliar elements outdoors. It comes with an aluminium frame and added storage with both inside and outside pockets.

Kelly Trail Ridge 4 Person Tent for Families

One of the most interesting features of this Kelly Trail Ridge 4-Person Tent is its stargazing fly. Simply roll down the rainfly backward and witness the beautiful night sky with all its stellar beauty. Enhanced ventilation comes with this Kelly Trail Ridge Tent with its adjustable fly vents and mesh body.

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6. Highlander Oak 4-Person Tent

For extended camping trips, the Highlander Tent will serve your family best. This brand is geared towards longer outdoor adventure where comfort and space is very essential. You will never appreciate being squeezed in all together with limited space to move around.

Highlander Oak 4-Person Tent Family Camping Tent

The unique design of the Highlander Oak 4-Person Tent comes with a bedroom, front porch area, and side entry. Its design is all about being comfortable even away from home. 

With the porch area comes a huge clear window where you can let natural light into the tent space inside. The side entry allows people at the front porch to enjoy their space without moving away when someone enters the tent. No matter what weather conditions, this 4-Person capacity tent can provide shelter and protection for your family effectively. The fibreglass poles and waterproof material (polyester) prove that this brand is definitely a durable tent of choice for your family.

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 7. Weisshorn 6 Person Family Camping Dome

 For space-loving families going on an outdoor adventure, this Weisshorn camping dome can make your experience worthwhile. This 6-person capacity tent comes in a dome-like shape. With its unique design, comes space with extra headroom.

Australia Weisshorn 6 Person Family Camping Dome

The available front awning is definitely perfect for kids to hang out with friends and families. Accessibility is not a problem because it has a large entry door. The front awning allows friends and family to bond outdoors with the kids having fun.

This Weisshorn 6 Person Family Camping Dome was designed to provide ample protection for your adventurous family. It is made up of durable and waterproof materials capable of providing protection against harmful UV rays and rain. The ventilation of this tent is superb. Its windows and doors were built with a mesh to allow airflow plus protection from bugs.

Whilst this tent is definitely lightweight, sturdy and spacious, it is ideal for family camping trips where your vehicle is parked nearby.

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Considerations for the best family tent purchase

There is no more doubt that you will find the 10 man tent or 4-person tent you want for your family in our shopping guide. Whether you are looking for a small or large tent for your family, we definitely got you covered. Please, do visit our site for buying insights and feedbacks for any product you might be interested with!

Spending time with friends and family as you explore the great Australian outdoors is a perfect bonding opportunity. Owning a family tent can make camping trips more enjoyable. In order to achieve memorable camping or hiking trips, make sure your family tent is suitable for all your needs and preferences. 

To purchase the most perfect family tent, take your time into considering the various factors in this guide for the type of tent you might be interested in:

Think of the purpose

Always keep in mind the reason why you are buying a tent. Consider the type of camping activity. There certain pros and cons of tents. Remember, there is no tent in existence that will suit all types of camping activity. 

Consider the type of weather you’ll usually experience.

Whether you are going on winter or summer camping, a 3-season tent will do and are suited to camping in various weather conditions. However, for strong windy conditions and heavy snow, you should invest in a 4-season tent. This type can withstand winter camping and snowy conditions alike. 

Weight is the most important factor

Consider if you are to carry your tent with you. If you are camping near your car or 4×4 then the weight of your tent is not really a major concern. However, we have a lot of campsites in Australia and if you need to hike to a campsite, the weight of your tent should be prioritized.

Space is very important with family tents

Consider the capacity to ensure that there is enough room to sleep and keep their personal stuff inside. The rule of the thumb is, a 4person capacity tent will allow 4 people to sleep on a side-lying position while on sleeping bags. Also, you have to consider securing privacy by putting up a room divider. When you opt for bigger tents, it will also require more effort to set up. Plus, it can be that huge that transporting it will be too cumbersome.

Convenience can make or break a trip

For families who are into camping out several instances in a year, I assure you that camping will be more memorable if your family tent is easy to set up. After using it, storage must never be a huge concern and will not take much room in your garage. 

Other family tent features

These should include wind resistance, ventilation, doors, and materials used. More importantly…the cost!

These will definitely influence your camping experience. You will never know how unpredictable Mother Nature can be when you are outdoors. Thus, it is important that your tent is durable, accessible and should be weatherproof.

Whether you are on the look for standing height family tent and 10 man tent or small family tent, I am confident that our choices of the best family tents in this review guide will surely suite what you are looking for: