How to Buy the Best Kitchen Scale

If you are a person who is always inside the kitchen, you will know how vital proper ingredient measurement is. Measuring the amounts of ingredients you put in your dishes is imperative to come up with an excellent tasting dish. It is also the key to have a healthier lifestyle. As the saying goes, too much is not good. This is the reason why your kitchen needs to have the best kitchen scale.

Proper measurement of ingredients set the difference between an average and a masterpiece. Undeniably, you can eyeball each measurement. But unless you can mentally convert grams to cups, you will need a good set of kitchen scales.

This guide is to help you know the features that the best kitchen scale should have.

Digital vs. Mechanical: Which is the Best Choice?

There are two types of kitchen scales: the digital and mechanical. The choice whether which one is the best lies not in the kind. Rather, it lies on which one is the perfect fit for your kitchen needs. Each of the types is for specific purposes.

Digital Kitchen Scale

A digital or electronic kitchen scale is generally better when you want to measure out small and accurate amounts of ingredients. This type of kitchen scale is especially useful if you are cooking complicated dishes. Digital scales are also convenient if you are on a strict diet, and you want to measure everything you add to your food.

A digital scale is more accurate and is very easy to use. They show the exact weight of the item you measure within seconds through a display screen. Additionally, most digital scales can convert measurements. You can also switch from metric to imperial measurements.

Mechanical Kitchen Scale

On the other hand, a mechanical kitchen scale is an excellent choice if you often weigh large amounts. Most of the times, bigger bowls or trays come with the mechanical scales when you buy it. While they are not as accurate as digital scales, measurements are still precise most of the times.

You may ask which of the two types is best for you. Well, the answer actually depends on your choice. If you want a kitchen scale that is very simple and is not battery-operated, then go for a mechanical scale. If you want precise and easy to read measurements, then you can consider buying a digital scale.

The Kitchen Scale Features that You Need to Consider

Before buying a kitchen scale for your kitchen processes, it is important to know the features that you can benefit from. Whether you are preparing your ingredients for baking or cooking your favourite recipe, you need to measure everything exactly.

Measurement can make or break the food you are cooking. Even a gram or an ounce of measurement mistake could make your dish go worse. Having the best kitchen scale is the answer to avoid this dilemma. By using a kitchen scale, you can assure that you add all the proper amounts of ingredients to your dishes.

Kitchen scales are also a must-have for people who are following a diet plan. It will help them assure that they are taking only the amount that is right for them.

However, there is a myriad of kitchen scale choices in the market. This factor makes decision-making even tougher. So, to help you come up with a decision, listed below are the factors that you should consider when choosing a kitchen scale.

For Mechanical Kitchen Scales


Before buying a kitchen scale, you should know how much you weigh whenever you cook. For an average home kitchen, a scale with three to five-kilogram capacity is already enough. But you need to keep in mind that the maximum weighing capacity of the scales is the combination of the weight of the ingredients and the weight of the bowls or trays.

Weighing Platform

I am sure that you want to have a weighing platform that is large enough to hold all your ingredients. But having some of your ingredients hanging on the sides of the weighing platform is completely fine. You just have to make sure that what you weigh is balanced and centred on the platform.

Tare and Continuous Weighing

The tare function is responsible for resetting the scale from your last measurement back to zero. Once you put the tray or bowl on the scale, the platform will measure its weight. You can use the tare function to set the measurement to zero. This way, you are only weighing the ingredients and not the bowl as well.

If you want to continuously weigh your ingredients without removing the old weight, you can do so by resetting the scales as you weigh. This function is very useful especially if you want to mix set amounts of ingredients in a single bowl.

Easy Tare and Easy to Read Increments

The tare’s numbering should be clear with a contrasting color needle. This makes it easier for you to read the measurements on the scale. You should easily get the tare back to zero either by dial or base rotation.

Weighing Bowl

Kitchen scales come with different types of measuring bowl. These bowls include a lightweight bowl, a measuring jug, or a tray. These are all handy especially if you are going to use the tare function with heavy ingredients.

But in an instance that the scale does not have any bowl with it, consider what you have in your kitchen. Look for a lightweight bowl with a wide rim. Such bowls can accommodate larger amounts of ingredients.

Imperial and Metric Measuring System

Some people use recipe books to be able to cook a dish. There are cookbooks that indicate measurements in an imperial measuring system while some use the metric measuring system. Therefore, it is handy if you can have a scale that measures in both pounds and kilograms.

Non-Slip Base and Stability of the Scales Bench

When buying a kitchen scale, make sure that the scales sit flat on your countertop. The bottom part of the scale must be non-slip, so it will not move as you press the control buttons. This factor is especially important for rotating mechanical scales where you use the base to reset the scales back to zero.

For Digital Kitchen Scales


When choosing an electronic kitchen scale, look for one with an easy to read screen and clear labeling. You should be able to read the measurement displayed on the screen while you are weighing all the ingredients.

The digital kitchen scale you are going to purchase must also have an automatic turn off screen that switches off at three minutes. It should also have a memory recall, which shows the last reading before the screen shuts off. The automatic turn off function lets you save battery while the scale is not in use.

Another handy feature that you should look for in digital scales is the ability to display how much battery life is left.


A standard kitchen scale for domestic homes has a cost ranging from $10 to over $150. But you should note that the higher the price does not mean that the scale is better. Rather, you should find one that fits your kitchen needs the best.

Final Thoughts

A kitchen scale is a very practical investment that you should have in your kitchen. With this kitchen appliance, you will have a more precise volume of measurements for whatever you are preparing. You will also be able to handle portion management better.

Needless to say, a kitchen scale does make one’s kitchen life better. It can handle almost all of your needs when it comes to measurement. This means that you no longer have to look in every drawers and cabinet to look for measuring cups and spoons.

Kitchen processes are so much better when you have the best appliances to aid you. A kitchen scale will not only help you prepare your ingredients accurately, but it also helps you to have a more balanced diet. Do you have any comments or suggestion with regards to this article? Leave them on the comment section down below and we will start a conversation from there.